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.NET 3.5 CD Audio Player: Create a CD Audio Player in .NET 3.5 using WPF and DirectSound

.NET 3.5 CD Audio Player: Create a CD Audio Player in .NET 3.5 using WPF and DirectSound

Andrew Moore

ISBN: 978-0-470-28532-9

Feb 2008

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This Wrox Blox illustrates a CD Player application built with WPF and DirectSound using C# and Visual Studio 2008, and is targeted at the intermediate-level programmer who is familiar with C#, WPF, and .NET interoperability with native Windows APIs, and the Visual Studio development environment. This application provides basic control capabilities such as Play, Pause, Stop, and Eject, and also displays the duration of the disk and each track as well as the title of each track, artist, genre, album, and year of publication as received from the on-line database at  There are four components for this application:
  • Low-level device I/O to read the disk table of contents
  • Read audio data, and eject the disk
  • Socket code to connect to and send and receive disk information from
  • Audio player using DirectSound to play the disk audio data, and a user interface Developed using WPF and XAML.

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Getting Started.

User Interface.

CD Device I/O.

Opening a CD.

Reading the CD Table of Contents.

Querying CD Artist and Track Information.

Using DirectSound for Audio Playback.

Creating a DirectSound Device.

Creating DirectSound Buffers for Audio Output.

CD Audio Playback with DirectSound.

Stopping Audio Playback with DirectSound.


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