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1,001 ACT Practice Problems For Dummies



1,001 ACT Practice Problems For Dummies

Lisa Zimmer Hatch, Scott A. Hatch

ISBN: 978-1-119-27544-2 October 2016 528 Pages


1,001 ACT questions with step-by-step solutions

Ready to take the ACT? No sweat! With 1,001 ACT Practice Questions For Dummies you get 1,001 opportunities to prepare for the test. Complete with detailed, step-by-step solutions, each practice ACT question gets you one step closer to a great score on the most popular college admissions test—and getting into the school of your dreams.

Practice your way to ACT test-taking perfection with the help of For Dummies!

  • Includes one-year access to practice questions online
  • Offers 1,001 practice questions—from easy to hard
  • Tracks your progress, so you can see where you need more help and create your own question sets
  • Provides detailed, step-by-step answers and explanations for every question

If you're a student with college in your sights, 1,001 ACT Practice Questions For Dummies sets you up for success!

Introduction 1

Part 1: The Questions 5

CHAPTER 1: The English Test 7

CHAPTER 2: The Math Test 51

CHAPTER 3: The Reading Test 111

CHAPTER 4: The Science Test 165

CHAPTER 5: Writing Test Questions 221

Part 2: The Answers 227

CHAPTER 6: The Answers 229

Index 503 Activate the online test!