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101 Small Business Ideas for Under $5000



101 Small Business Ideas for Under $5000

Corey Sandler, Janice Keefe

ISBN: 978-0-471-72007-2 April 2005 336 Pages

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Cheap and easy ideas for starting a small business

101 Small Business Ideas for Under $5,000 offers practical, real-world advice for turning ideas and skills into a successful small business. The book presents great ideas for simple small businesses that readers can undertake either full-time or in their spare time and covers all the issues readers need to know -startup costs, legal issues, accounting, taxes, and everything else. Once readers decide what business is right for them, the authors provide sensible business plans for making it happen. They show wannabe entrepreneurs how to get started, find funding, and build a sales and marketing program. Legal, zoning, and insurance requirements are provided for each business idea, as well as advice on expanding the business-and the profits. Future business owners who don't know where to start will find everything they need here.

Preface ix

Acknowledgments xi

How to Use This Book xiii

Chapter 1 Business Insurance and Risk Management 1

Chapter 2 Legalities and Taxes 11

Chapter 3 Setting Your Price 17

Chapter 4 Financing a Small Business 25

Chapter 5 Home Services (Exterior) 29

1 Lawn Mowing Service

2 Snow Removal

3 Garden Tilling

4 Window Cleaning

5 Deck Cleaning

6 Landscape Designer

7 Deck Construction

8 Storage Sheds, Playhouses, Doghouses

9 Children’s Outdoor Playset Installer

10 Low-Voltage Outdoor Electrical Wiring

11 Stonemason and Decorative Brick Worker

Chapter 6 Home Services (Interior) 59

12 Housecleaning

13 Rug Cleaner

14 Interior Decorator

15 Upholstery and Slipcover Maker

16 Wallpaper Hanger

17 Specialty Indoor Painting

18 Furniture Stripping

19 Furniture Repair

20 Closet Organizer

21 Bookcase and Shelf Builder

22 Indoor Plant Care

23 Custom Silk and Dried Flower Arrangements

Chapter 7 Home Services (Specialty) 89

24 Handyperson

25 Errand Runner

26 Vacation Home Caretaker

27 Vacation House Watcher

28 House Painting

29 Chimney Cleaning

30 Pool Service

31 Firewood Delivery

32 On-demand Trash Removal

33 Christmas Tree Service

34 Small Engine Repair

Chapter 8 Parties, Entertainment, and Special Events 119

35 Party Planner

36 Children’s Event Organizer

37 Party and Special-Event Rentals

38 Catering

39 Visiting Chef

40 Specialty Cake Baker

41 Prepared Custom-Meal Service

42 Freelance Bartender

43 Entertainer

44 Holiday Decoration Service

Chapter 9 Personal Services 149

45 Personal Shopper

46 Personalized Gift Basket Maker

47 Travel Planner

48 Historical Tours

49 Personal Fitness Trainer

50 Sports Trainer

Chapter 10 Children, Family, and Pet Services 165

51 Babysitting

52 Babysitting Agency

53 Children’s Night Out

54 Vacation Child Care

55 Dog Walking and Vacation Pet Visits

56 Pet Sitter and Doggie Day Care

57 Elder Companion

58 Elder Care Consultant

59 Genealogical Research

60 Family Biographer

Chapter 11 Educational Services 195

61 Tutoring

62 Language Instructor

63 Music Teacher

64 Computer Instructor

65 SAT or ACT College Test Preparation

66 College Selection Advisor

67 College Application Consultant

68 Instructor at Community School

Chapter 12 Arts, Crafts, Jewelry, Clothing, and Musical Instruments 217

69 Alterations

70 Custom Tailoring

71 Custom Knitting, Sweater, and Afghan Design

72 Custom Quiltmaker

73 Jewelry Making

74 Portraiture from Photographs

75 Custom-Built Dollhouses

76 Musical Instrument Tuning and Repair

Chapter 13 Transportation, Delivery, and Auto Services 237

77 Car Service

78 Independent Delivery Contractor

79 Auto Detailing

Chapter 14 Computers, Graphics, and Photography 247

80 Computer Buying Consultant

81 Computer Repair and Upgrade

82 Web Design and Maintenance

83 Graphic Designer

84 Freelance Photographer

85 Film to Digital Scanning

86 Photo and Document Restorer

87 Videographer

Chapter 15 Office and Professional Services 271

88 Temporary Secretary

89 Transcription Services

90 Temporary Worker at Conventions and Business Meetings

91 Bookkeeping

92 Billing Service

93 Resume Design

94 Letter Writing

Chapter 16 Sales 287

95 Yard Sale Organizer

96 Consignment Resale

97 Antiques and Collectibles Wholesaler

98 Used Book Reseller

99 Tool and Equipment Rentals

100 Newspaper Delivery Route

101 Online Auctions: EBay and Beyond

Appendix Government and Private Resources for Small Businesses 309

Index 313