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101 Weird Ways to Make Money: Cricket Farming, Repossessing Cars, and Other Jobs With Big Upside and Not Much Competition

101 Weird Ways to Make Money: Cricket Farming, Repossessing Cars, and Other Jobs With Big Upside and Not Much Competition

Steve Gillman

ISBN: 978-1-118-08571-4

Jun 2011

288 pages



Find creative ways to make money in businesses with little competition

Using interviews with unconventional entrepreneurs, the author's own wide-ranging experience with weird jobs, and extensive research, 101 Weird Ways to Make Money reveals unusual, sometimes dirty, yet profitable jobs and businesses. Whether you're looking for a job that suits your independent spirit, or want to start a new business, this unique book shows you moneymaking options you haven't considered.

Most of these outside-the-box jobs don't require extensive training, and are also scalable as businesses, allowing you to build on your initial success.

  • Jobs and businesses covered include cricket and maggot farming, environmentally friendly burials, making and selling solar-roasted coffee, daycare services for handicapped children, and many more
  • Each chapter features a "where the money is" section on how to scale-up and be profitable
  • Author writes a popular website and email newsletter on unusual ways to make money

Whether you're seeking a new career, an additional revenue stream, or a new business idea, you will want to discover 101 Weird Ways to Make Money.

Acknowledgments xiii

Introduction xv

Part One

Chapter 1 Stealing Cars for Fun and Profit: Auto Repossession 5

Chapter 2 Drinking on the Job: Specialty Beer Brewer 7

Chapter 3 Creating Beauty and the Beast: Makeup Artist 9

Chapter 4 Count to Twenty-One: Casino Dealer 11

Chapter 5 Magic Money: Part-Time Magician 13

Chapter 6 Exploding on the Job: Demolition Worker 15

Chapter 7 Maybe It’s Not So Funny: Rodeo Clown 17

Chapter 8 The Business of Chasing Criminals: Bounty-Hunter 19

Chapter 9 Hilarious Income: Niche Comedian 21

Chapter 10 Juggling Burning Bowling Pins: Street Performer 23

Chapter 11 Digging Up Old Coins: Metal Detecting 25

Part Two

Chapter 12 Have Fun Frightening Geese: Golf Course Bird

Remover 29

Chapter 13 Killing Small Trees: Christmas Tree Seller 31

Chapter 14 Swimming at the Golf Course: Golf Ball Recoverer 33

Chapter 15 Medicating Maple Trees: Tree Surgeon 35

Chapter 16 Chop Wood, Make Money: Specialty Firewood Seller 37

Chapter 17 Wintertime Profits: Rooftop Snow Remover 39

Chapter 18 Paid to Exercise: Bicycle-Taxi Driver 41

Chapter 19 Your Product Cost Is Zero: Worm Grunting and Farming 43

Part Three

Chapter 20 Jiminy Cricket!: Cricket-Farmer 49

Chapter 21 Mopping Up Brains: Crime-Scene Cleaner 51

Chapter 22 Pumping Poop: Septic Cleaner 53

Chapter 23 Traveling Grease Monkey: Mobile Oil-Changer 55

Chapter 24 Another Pooportunity: Diaper-Cleaning Service 57

Chapter 25 Preparing the Way for Santa: Chimney Sweep 59

Chapter 26 CapturingWild Animals: Animal-Control Specialist 61

Chapter 27 Clean Up with This Dirty Job: Garbage and Junk Hauler 63

Chapter 28 Work in a Sewer: Wastewater-Treatment Worker 65

Chapter 29 Perhaps the Stinkiest Job?: Maggot Farmer 67

Chapter 30 Blood-Sucking Profits: Leeches 69

Part Four

Chapter 31 A Laptop in Bangkok: Selling Writing Services from Anywhere 75

Chapter 32 Get Rich with Unreal Estate: Virtual Worlds 77

Chapter 33 Give It Away and Make It Pay: Profit from E-Books 79

Chapter 34 Automatic Profits from Writing: Auto-Responder E-Mail Newsletters 81

Chapter 35 Paid to Write about Feet: Niche Blogs 83

Chapter 36 Be Master of Your Domains: Internet Names Buyer and Seller 85

Chapter 37 What’s Your Opinion Worth?: Online Product- Reviewing 87

Part Five

Chapter 38 Green Death: Environmentally Friendly Funerals 93

Chapter 39 Sleep on This Idea: Recycling Mattresses 95

Chapter 40 Computer Garbage Man: Electronic-Waste Recycling 97

Chapter 41 Be an Oil-Tank Tycoon: Old Fuel-Tank Remover 99

Chapter 42 Cash from Catalytic Converters: Scrap Metals Salvager and Seller 101

Chapter 43 Solar-Roasted Coffee: Unique Green Foods and Drinks Seller 103

Part Six

Chapter 44 Be a Home-Based Slumlord: Room Renter to Friends 109

Chapter 45 Driving Home Your Profits: Used Car Seller from Your Yard 111

Chapter 46 Making People Pay: Judgment Enforcer 113

Chapter 47 Big Money in Metal Houses: Mobile Homes Flipper 115

Chapter 48 Judging a Book by Its Cover: Used Book Seller from Home 117

Chapter 49 Sell Your Dating, Design, or Dog Expertise: Specialty Consulting 119

Chapter 50 Staying Home Monday Morning: Virtual Assistant 121

Part Seven

Chapter 51 Handicapped Kids and Other Day-Care Niches: Specialty Day Care 127

Chapter 52 The Life of a Traveling Bartender: Drink Server 129

Chapter 53 Professor without a Degree: Noncredit College Teacher 131

Chapter 54 Coming into the Closet: Home-Organizing Consultant 133

Chapter 55 Students Pay You $50 per Hour: Specialized Tutor 135

Chapter 56 Prepping Grandpa’s Condo: Senior Services Provider 137

Chapter 57 Paid to Travel the World: English Teacher

Overseas 139

Part Eight

Chapter 58 Hooking Up Lady and the Tramp: Dog Breeder 143

Chapter 59 Making Pets Beautiful: Mobile Pet Groomer 145

Chapter 60 Paid to Visit Animals: Pet Sitter 147

Chapter 61 It’s a Walk in the Park: Dog-Walker 149

Chapter 62 Managing Noah’s Ark: Animal-Boarder 151

Chapter 63 A Car Full of Animals: Pet-Taxi Service 153

Chapter 64 Sit, Fetch, and Roll Over: Animal Trainer 155

Chapter 65 Caging Wild Kittens: Cat Enclosures 157

Part Nine

Chapter 66 Bird-Poop Earrings: Unique Jewelry 161

Chapter 67 You’ll Like the Sound of This: Voice-Over Work 163

Chapter 68 Paint Yourself a Profit: Mural-Painter 165

Chapter 69 Putting Antlers on Dogs: Gadgets and Gifts Inventor 167

Chapter 70 A Burning Desire to Create?: Aromatherapy-Candle Maker 169

Chapter 71 Carving Out a Niche: Walking Sticks 171

Chapter 72 Profits from Painting People: Temporary Tattoos 173

Part Ten

Chapter 73 I See Dead People Profits: Estate Goods 179

Chapter 74 Their Loss Is Your Gain: Storage Unit Auctioner 181

Chapter 75 The Middleman Always Gets His Cut: Liquidation Broker 183

Chapter 76 Barber Chairs and Other Opportunities: Used and Unusual Furniture Seller 185

Chapter 77 Finding New Owners for Old Shirts: Used Clothing Seller 187

Chapter 78 One Man’s Trash: Antique Treasure Hunter 189

Chapter 79 A Little Here and a Little There: Rack Merchandiser 191

Chapter 80 A Store with No Overhead: Flea-Market Dollar Store 193

Chapter 81 Profiting from the End Times: Survival Supplies and More Seller 195

Part Eleven

Chapter 82 Sucking Up Dirt: Specialty Carpet Care 201

Chapter 83 Get Paid by the Banks: Foreclosure Cleaner 203

Chapter 84 The Money Is in the Details: Auto-Detailing Niches 205

Chapter 85 Cleaning Up after Trash Collectors: Garbage-Truck Washer 207

Chapter 86 Cleaning Up after Carnies: Event Cleanup Worker 209

Part Twelve

Chapter 87 Be a Human Guinea Pig: Medical Research Subject 215

Chapter 88 Deep-Fried Butter: Unique Food Concession Businesses 217

Chapter 89 Secretly Watching People: Surveillance Worker 219

Chapter 90 The Parts Are Greater Than the Whole: Junkyard Business 221

Chapter 91 You’ve Got Their Number: House-Number Curb-Painter 223

Chapter 92 Playing with Plastic People: Mannequin Business 225

Chapter 93 A Sweet Job: Chocolatier 227

Chapter 94 Putting It All on the Table: Tabletop Advertiser 229

Chapter 95 Small Cracks Equal Big Profits: Mobile Windshield Repairer 231

Chapter 96 Driving Other People’s Cars: Contract Chauffeur 233

Chapter 97 Making Room for More Stuff: Shed-Installation Business 235

Chapter 98 Rugs for Students: Necessities Renter to College Students 237

Chapter 99 Beating the House: Gambler 239

Chapter 100 What to Do with an IOU: Note-Broker 241

Chapter 101 Animal Poop Coffee Anyone?: Rare and Unusual Foods Seller 243

Index 245