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1975: Australia's Greatest Year

1975: Australia's Greatest Year

Mark Juddery

ISBN: 978-1-740-31131-1

Sep 2011

224 pages

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1975 in Australia was a year marked by political upheaval and cultural revival, a time when it was exciting to be an Australian. In this fascinating book, journalist Mark Juddery examines the year that marked a complete turning point in Australian history; politically, socially and most of all, on the international stage. Comprising of interviews with prominent Australians who remember the year well, as well as issues of the time, 1975 explores: The Whitlam Dismissal; the introduction of Medibank, PNG's independence from Australia; the return of native land to Aborigines in the Northern Territory; the first time unemployment soared passed 5%; the first Australian political sex scandal to make headlines; Malcolm Fraser's egging in Darwin soon after the Dismissal; Peter Weir's Picnic at Hanging Rock being shown to an international audience; release of Australia's highest selling album by AC/DC, the launch of Radio 2JJ (which became Triple J); and the year Australia admitted that the Vietnam War was a mistake!