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20th Anniversary For Dummies, Special Edition

20th Anniversary For Dummies, Special Edition

Consumer Dummies

ISBN: 978-1-118-06640-9

Feb 2011

64 pages

Select type: E-Book


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The history, statistics, and fun facts!

Although yellow-and-black For Dummies books are pervasive today — found all over the world and wherever books are sold, covering subjects from Access to Zune — at one time they didn't exist at all. How did this brand come about? What juicy tidbits exist in the Hall of Memories to explain the brand's titling strategy (Dummies? I'm not a dummy!) and its unique elements like cartoons and icons? This special anniversary edition answers these questions and provides insight into how the launch of a single book in 1991 evolved into a global brand phenomenon.

Open the book and find:

  • The first book and how it came to market

  • Decisions that helped establish the brand

  • The role authors have played in making Dummies successful

  • The evolution of Dummies packaging

  • The brand around the globe

  • Fun Dummies moments in history

Learn about:

  • The first Dummies book and how it came to be

  • The brand's history and milestones

  • Each book series, licensed products, memorable quotes, and more!


Icons Used in This Book.

Where to Go from Here.

Chapter 1: Dummies through the Ages.

A Brand Is Born.

Decisions That Helped Establish the Brand.

What Happened Next: Tough Sell and Early Guerilla Marketing.

From Protest Signs to Clean Lines: The Evolution of Dummies Packaging.

Chapter 2: A Global Phenomenon.

The Brand around the Globe.

A Global Brand with a Local Touch.

What They Said.

Chapter 3: What Makes Dummies Books So Special?

Hallmarks of a Dummies Book.

Extending and Protecting the Brand.

Chapter 4: What Dummies Can Do for You.

Extensions: They’re Not Just for Celebrity Hair.

Getting the Dummies You Need in the Format You Want.

Chapter 5: The Tens!

Five Fun Dummies Moments in History.

Ten Bold New Electronic Ventures.

Ten (or So) Eye-Popping Statistics.