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31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles: Attract More Leads, Get More Clients, and Make More Sales

31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles: Attract More Leads, Get More Clients, and Make More Sales

Tracy Repchuk

ISBN: 978-1-118-68441-2 August 2013 256 Pages


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31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles is a breakthrough blueprint outlining the proven steps for successfully attracting more leads, getting more clients, and making more sales. Author Tracy Repchuk shows entrepreneurs, business owners, and opportunity-seekers what to do, when to do it, and the order in which it needs to be done to build an online marketing presence that is stable, predictable, and expandable. Whether you want to dominate your market globally or locally, this thirty-one-day guide allows you to take your product, service, or message, and turn it into a moneymaking machine.

  • Best Selling Author Tracy Repchuk is recognized as the Top Woman Speaker in the World for Internet Marketing and an entrepreneur in the IT and internet industry since 1985
  • Serves as a reference guide to newbies and entrepreneurs wanting to turn their passion into profits and accelerate business results

31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles guides you along a proven path to profits and shows you an Internet marketing formula that will attract more leads, get more clients, and make more sales

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Foreword vii

Acknowledgments ix

Preface xi

Introduction 1

Chapter 1 Quantum Leap Thinking 13

Number One Mistake to Avoid 15

Life Is a Balancing Act 16

How to Get a Clean Start in Internet Marketing 19

Friend Assessment 22

Quantum Leap Thinking Expanded 22

Celebrate Small Victories 29

Fast Cash 31

Chapter 2 Preparing for Power 37

Day 1—Make Your Market Count 39

Day 2—Powerful Branding Strategies 46

Day 3—Squeeze Out a Landing Page 54

Day 4—Opt-In Insights 65

Day 5—Select an Autoresponder 66

Day 6—Getting Paid While You Sleep 69

Chapter 3 Turning Prospects into Purchasers 77

Get Prospects Online but Move Them Off 79

Free Traffic and Page-Rank Techniques 80

Day 7—Signature Files 84

Day 8—Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 86

Day 9—Link Strategies That Really Work 90

Day 10—Articles 92

Day 11—Press Releases 95

Day 12—Testimonials Speak Louder 98

Day 13—Social Media Squared 98

Day 14—Autoresponders: Why They Work 108

Chapter 4 Catapulting to Product Profits 123

Day 15—Rapid Product Creation in Five Easy Steps 125

Day 16—Select Your Product Type 127

Day 18—Sales Page Creation 144

Day 19—Affiliate Program: You Selling for Others 154

Day 20—Affiliate Program: Others Selling for You 158

Chapter 5 Tapping into Marketing Miracle Makers 165

Why You Should Consider a Mentor 167

Day 21—Mentor Analysis 169

Building Your Team 174

Day 22—Select a Mentor 175

Chapter 6 Creating Your Traffic Hurricane 181

Day 23—PPC, Google AdWords, and Facebook 183

Day 24—Proven Joint Venture Basics 191

Day 25—Teleseminar Trade Secrets and Webinar Wins 195

Day 26—YouTube and Video Sites 202

eBay and Auctions 205

Chapter 7 Maximizing Your Marketing Funnel 215

Day 27—Know Your Statistics 217

Day 28—The Marketing Funnel Product Model 220

Day 29—The Front End 223

Day 30—The Back End 225

Day 31—Your Corporate Future 228

What’s Next? 235

About the Author 237