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36 Stratagems for Investors: Timeless Financial Wisdom from a Chinese Classic



36 Stratagems for Investors: Timeless Financial Wisdom from a Chinese Classic

HSBC Jintrust Fund Management

ISBN: 978-1-118-58053-0 November 2012 200 Pages

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The 36 Stratagems are a unique collection of ancient Chinese proverbs that describe some of the most cunning and subtle strategies ever devised by man. Readers, and specifically investors, at all levels will benefit from this interpretation of the 36 stratagems detailing how to apply them in investment and "economic warfare." HSBC’s 36 stratagems encourage flexibility and new ways of thinking about investment issues.

"Investor education is not merely about how many lessons can be taught; but how much investors can learn from each lesson. This book combines modren investment and ancient Chinese wisdom in plain language and with interesting stories. It explores investment concepts yet opens your mind and shows you a new way of understanding fund investing." Mark McCombe, Global Chief Executive Officer, HSBC Global Asset Management

"There is an old saying, "Gain knowledge for the preservation of wealth." Funds create value, and knowledge of funds will similarly enable investors to create value. The value of knowledge is no less important than the value of capital. For that reason, 36 Stratagems for Investors has set out to show the value of knowledge as a way to capital accumulation and preservation. Readers will benefit from stratagems explained in every page of the book to aid them in their financial investment." Qin Shuo, Chief Editor, China Business News

"HSBC Jintrust's 36 Stratagems for Investors is an eye- opener for readers, investors and non- investors alike. HSBC Jintrust has done an impressive job of creating a book with the retail investors in mind; as it puts itself in their shoes to explore issues and solutions as they would. Each of the 36 stratagems is clearly and succinctly told and explained to allow prompt application. May the stratagems depicted in this book gain popularity to become part of the fund culture and investment culture in China, to enable tens of millinos of investors to profit by it." Liu Dong, Deputy Editor, 21st Century Business Herald


Stratagem 1 Fool the Emperor to Cross the Sea.

See Through All Guises for Calculated Returns.

Stratagem 2 Besiege Wei to Rescue Zhao.

Take Advantage of Fund Switching.

Stratagem 3 Kill with a Borrowed Sword.

Gain Full Market Exposure in One Go.

Stratagem 4 Bide Your Time to Wear Down the Enemy.

Take a Long-Term View.

Stratagem 5 Loot a Burning House.

Never Attempt to Get Away with a Steal.

Stratagem 6 Clamor in the East and Attack the West.

Arbitrage Opportunities in Fund Investing.

Stratagem 7 Create Something from Nothing.

Details, Details, Details!.

Stratagem 8 Repair the Walkway Openly but March Secretly to Chéncāng.

Sieve Out Obscure Information in Reports.

Stratagem 9 Observe the Fire from the Opposite Shore.

Adopt a Wait-and-See Attitude During the Closed Period.

Stratagem 10 Hide a Dagger Behind the Smile.

Beware of Publicity Gimmicks.

Stratagem 11 Sacrifice a Plum Tree for a Peach Tree.

Pay a Price for a Bigger Gain.

Stratagem 12 Seize the Opportunity to Lead a Sheep Away.

Regular Savings Plan.

Stratagem 13 Beat the Grass to Startle the Snake.

See Through the Fund Management Company.

Stratagem 14 Borrow a Corpse to Raise the Spirit.

Innovation Adds New Value.

Stratagem 15 Lure the Tiger Down the Mountain.

Move "Risks" Out of the Way.

Stratagem 16 To Catch Something, First Let It Go.

Be Fully Prepared Before Casting Your Die.

Stratagem 17 Toss a Brick to Draw a Gem.

The Art of Turning Mediocrity into Gold.

Stratagem 18 Nab the Bandits to Capture the Ringleader.

Cover Key Funds to Cover All Grounds.

Stratagem 19 Rake the Firewood from Under  the Pot.

Reasons for Selling Funds.

Stratagem 20 Fish in Murky Waters.

Fish for Bargains in Troubled Times.

Stratagem 21 Shed Your Skin Like the Golden Cicada.

Separate Good Funds from the Bad.

Stratagem 22 Shut the Door to Catch the Thief.

Keep Small-Cap Funds Within Your Grasp.

Stratagem 23 Befriend a Distant Enemy to Attack One Nearby.

Stick to the Familiar.

Stratagem 24 Borrow the Road to Conquer Guo.

Trade Online to Increase Your Spread and Winnings.

Stratagem 25 Replace Beams with Rotten Timber.

Seek Out Alternative Investment Choices.

Stratagem 26 Point at the Mulberry but Curse the Locust Tree.

A Different Kind of Close-End Fund.

Stratagem 27 Feign Ignorance to Bide Time.

A Smart Way to Understand MorningStar’s Rankings.

Stratagem 28 Lure the Enemy Onto the Roof and Remove the Ladder.

Know Your Investment Targets to Make Headway.

Stratagem 29 Tie Silk Blossoms to the Dead Tree.

Suffer No Illusion When It Comes to the "Bubble".

Stratagem 30 Switching from the Role of a Guest to that of a Host.

Exercise Owners’ Rights.

Stratagem 31 Seductress at Work.

Are Star Managers for Real?.

Stratagem 32 Semblance of Calm in the City.

The Calm Before the Storm.

Stratagem 33 The Strategy of Sowing Discord.

Make Counter Propositions to Reap Extra Profit.

Stratagem 34 Inflict Harm on Oneself to Gain Sympathy.

True Lies.

Stratagem 35 The Strategy of Combined Tactics.

Mix Strategies to Fortify Funds.

Stratagem 36 If All Else Fails, Beat a Retreat.

Overseas Investment as the Best Bet.