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50 Fast Mac OS X Techniques

50 Fast Mac OS X Techniques

Joe Kissell

ISBN: 978-0-764-53911-4

May 2003

440 pages

Select type: Paperback

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  • Includes 50 fast and easy effects for streamlining and customizing Mac OS X that any user can achieve almost instantly.
  • Each technique is fully illustrated.
  • All techniques are explained with a proven step-by-step format.
  • Each professional-level technique takes no more than five minutes to accomplish.


Chapter 1: Read Us First.

Technique 1: Learning Just Enough UNIX to be Dangerous.

Technique 2: Becoming All-Powerful as the Root User.

Technique 3: Customizing Terminal for Command-Line Power.

Chapter 2: Aqua's Hidden Treasures.

Technique 4: Preventing Window Overload with Column View.

Technique 5: Unlocking Aqua's Best-Kept Secret: Services.

Technique 6: Getting Info and What to Do with It.

Technique 7: Finding Files with the Finder.

Technique 8: Solving File Compatibility Problems with PDF.

Technique 9: Acessing Your Mac's Multilingual Personality.

Chapter 3: Customizing Mac OS X.

Technique 10: Putting More "Tool" in Your Toolbars.

Technique 11: Enhancing the Look and Functionality of Your Windows.

Technique 12: Automating the Finder with Scripts and Folder Actions.

Technique 13: Tailoring the Desktop to Your Personality.

Technique 14: Getting More from Aqua with Hidden Preferences.

Technique 15: Doctoring Your Doc.

Technique 16: Moving Beyond the Dock with File Launchers.

Technique 17: Restoring "Missing" Classic Features to Mac OS X.

Chapter 4: Input and Control Techniques.

Technique 18: Turbocharging Your Mouse.

Technique 19: Boosting Your Keyboard Efficiency.

Technique 20: Hands-Free Computing with Speech Recognition.

Technique 21: Using a Tablet for Handwriting Recognition and More.

Technique 22: Extending Your Reach with Universal Access.

Chapter 5: Networking & Communication.

Technique 23: Communicating Wirelessly with Bluetooth.

Technique 24. Sharing Files with Mac and Windows Computers.

Technique 25: Keeping Out the Riff-Raff with a Firewall.

Chapter 6: E-Mail & Web Techniques.

Technique 26: Customizing Apple's Mail Application.

Technique 27: Using Rules to Keep Your In Box Manageable.

Technique 28: Taming Web Searches with Sherlock 3.

Technique 29: Web Browsing Secrets of the Rich and famous.

Chapter 7: Computing More with Less.

Technique 30: Enhancing Your Inkjet Printer.

Technique 31: Microsoft-Free Computing with Open-Source Software.

Technique 32: Remote-Controlling Your Computer.

Technique 33: Advanced Image Editing on the Cheap with the GIMP.

Chapter 8: iApps: The Digital Hub and Beyond.

Technique 34: Making Smart iTunes Playlists Even Smarter.

Technique 35: Publishing iPhoto Albums on the Web.

Technique 36: Creating a Video Photo Album with iMovie.

Technique 37: Designing a Custom iDVD Motion Menu Theme.

Technique 38: Integrating iChat with Mail and Address Book.

Technique 39: Using iCal to Manage Meeting Schedules.

Technique 40: Keeping PDAs, Cell Phones, and iPods in Sync with iSync.

Chapter 9: Server Techniques for Nongeeks.

Technique 41. Giving Your Machine a Domain Name.

Technique 42: Turning Your Computer into a Web Server.

Technique 43: Using PHP to Create Dynamic Web Sites.

Technique 44: Creating and Sharing Databases.

Technique 45: Running Your Own Mail Server.

Chapter 10: Maintenance and Automation Techniques.

Technique 46: Recovering from Crashes and Errors.

Technique 47: Increasing Your Computer's Performance.

Technique 48: Backing Up (and Restoring) Data Painlessly.

Technique 49: Making a Bootable Clone of Your Hard Drive.

Technique 50: Scheduling Activities to Happen Automatically.

Appendix A: Shortcuts.

Appendix B: Essential UNIX Commands.

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