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50 Ways to Teach Your Learner: Activities and Interventions for Building High-Performance Teams

50 Ways to Teach Your Learner: Activities and Interventions for Building High-Performance Teams

Edwin W. Rose, Steve Buckley (With)

ISBN: 978-0-787-94504-6

Jan 1999, Pfeiffer

288 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Practical Exercises + Active Theory = TEAM SUCCESS!Some books show you how to structure experiential learning. Other books give you a showcase of experiential initiatives. Few books have effectively combined experiential theory and practice. Until now! Ed Rose assembles a framework for learning-by-doing; then he gives you active, practical exercises you'll use right away.In the past, you've had to struggle to encourage active participation. First, you stumbled through developing your own training design. Then you waded through game books to find one with suitably dynamic, practical exercises. Now everything you need is in a single source. An active framework complemented by active initiatives -- 50 Ways to Teach Your Learner has everything you need!Rose enables you to:
* Evaluate team-development needs
* Build an environment of trust and recognition
* Encourage adaptability and readiness for change
* Use simple and inexpensive props with maximum effect
* Conduct successful post-exercise debriefs . . . and much more!
ForewordPrefaceAcknowledgmentsAbout the Authors
Part One: How to Use the Initiatives
Chapter One: Introduction to Experiential Learning
Chapter Two: Techniques for Facilitating Experiential Learning
Chapter Three: How to Use Initiatives
Part Two: The Initiatives
Adaptable: Initiatives that highlight communication, planning, and group dynamics
Trustworthy: Initiatives that highlight trust and mutual respect
Resourceful: Initiatives that highlight creativity, innovation, paradigms, breakthrough thinking, and problem solving
Optimistic: Initiatives that highlight moving beyond perceived limits, challenging biases, managing conflict, and benchmarking
Considerate: Initiatives that highlight creativity, valuing diversity, cooperation, and collaboration
Debrief and Warm Up: Initiatives that prepare participants for upcoming events
"Get off your seat and get active! Use these low-risk, low-cost activities to energize, excite, and build your team." --Sivasailam "Thiagi" Thiagarajan, editor, Thiagi GameLetter; president, Workshops by Thiagi

"Battling for the attention of the adult learner is a war that [Rose] knows how to win. Between the covers of this book there are more than fifty things to be learned and experienced. Read, share, and celebrate." --Ray Green, CEO, Paradigm Learning

"I was simply blown away by the usefulness of this book in providing a pathway to building effective teams. 50 Ways To Teach Your Learner is an absolute must-buy for anyone dealing with the issues of teams." --Harvey Robbins, coauthor, Why Teams Don't Work

"Another home run for Ed Rose. This book is a fresh presentation of genuinely useful team development activities." --Tim Rumsey, president, Dynamic Learning; author, Not Just Games: Using Experiential Learning to Drive Business Results