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68th Porcelain Enamel Institute Technical Forum, Volume 27, Issue 9

68th Porcelain Enamel Institute Technical Forum, Volume 27, Issue 9

William D. Faust (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-29138-2

Aug 2010

236 pages


The Porcelain Enamel Institute showcases and promotes innovations in materials and processing to improve the overall efficiency of enamelling operations, encourages product use in all possible applications, and advances and protects the legitimate interests of the industry and its individual members.

Papers that comprise this book are taken from the 68th Annual Porcelain Enamel institute Technical Forum, May 15-18, 2006. Organized and sponsored by The American Ceramic Society and The American Ceramic Society's Engineering Ceramics Division in conjunction with the Nuclear and Environmental Technology Division.

Preface ix

2006 PEI Officers xi

2006 Technical Forum Committee xiii

Past PEI Technical Forum Committee Chairs xv

A.I. Andrews Memorial Lecture

Nanotechnology-Challenges and Opportunities for the Future 3
Richard A. Haber

Energy and Raw Materials

The Electricity Market & Critical Issues 35
Lucia Harvey

The Current Lithium Situation 45
Jason Woulfin

Energy Saving Recommendations-Panel Discussion 55
David Latimer, Peter Vodak, and Mike Horton

Laboratory Investigations

Glassy Surface Functional Modification by Nano-Modified Sol-Gel Technology 65
Christian Schlegel

Update on the Status of Porcelain Enamel Powder Applications Worldwide 77
William D. Faust

The Use of Specialized Enamel Coatings to Bond Concrete to Steel 83
Philip G. Malone, Charles A. Weiss, Jr., Donna C. Day, Melvin C. Sykes, and Earl H. Baugher

Using Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE) to Help Solve Porcelain Enamel Stress-Related Problems
Andrew F. Gorecki

Choosing the “Correct” Equipment and Abrasive for Your Application 97
Richard Hawkins

Grit Blasting Case Study 109
Liarn O’Byrne

Phosphate Replacement Technology 111
Ken Kaluzny

Case Study-Process Stabilization by Continuous Oil Contaminant Removal 117
Jim Polizzi, David Latimer, and Jack Scambos

Light Emitting Ceramic Devices (LECD) 135
Richard Begley and Don Osborne

Enamels, Color Matching Model 143
M. Leaveaux, V. Duchamp, M. F. Perrin, and D. Patou

Ferro New Products for the Home of Tomorrow 155
Charles Baldwin, Brad Devine, Dave Fedak, and William Warner

Wet Porcelain Enamels and Processing

Conveyor Rotators 165
Richard Dooley

Automated Robotic Coatings and Finishing Systems 175
Jerry L. Perez

State of the Art of the Enamelling of Cast Iron Grates 179
Harry Florijn

Meeting Future Requirements for Enameled Cast Iron Grates 183
Ron Simons

Maintaining a Reliable Wet Enamel System 185
Dennis Opp

Checklist for Fabrication 195
Larry L. Steele

Environmental Issues

Conversion of Wet Booths into Dry Booths 203
Christophe Vanoplinus

Current Regulatory Issues 209
Jack Waggener

Author Index 219