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69th Conference on Glass Problems, Volume 30, Issue 1



69th Conference on Glass Problems, Volume 30, Issue 1

Charles H. Drummond III (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-52900-3 July 2009 250 Pages


Stay up-to-date with this collection of papers presented at the 69th Conference on Glass Problems at The Ohio State University. Topics include melting and molding, refractories, and environmental issues and new products.

Foreword ix

Preface xi

Acknowledgments xiii


Experiences with an Oxygen-Fired Container Glass Furnace with Silica Crown-1 4 Years-a World Record? 3
Jan J. Schep

Fining of Glass Melts: What We Know about Fining Processes Today 13
Ruud Beerkens

All-Electric Furnaces for High Quality Demands in a Wide Range of Glass Compositions 29
Lars Biennek, Harald Jodeit, and Hans-Jurgen Linz

Laboratory Experiments and Mathematical Modeling Can Solve Furnace Operational Problems 4
H. P. H. Muijsenberg, J. Ullrich and G. Neff

Applications of Model Based Control in Float and Fiberglass 59
Ron Finch

LCD Glass Manufacturing for a Global Industry 69
Daniel A. Nolet


Buying Refractories in China 79
Charles E. Semler

Refractories for a Global Glass Market 89
Sarah Baxendale and Nigel Longshaw

History of Hot Repairs-Past, Present and Future 101
David T. Boothe

Water-cooled Refractory Shapes for Harsh Forehearth Superstructure Applications 111
Walter L. Evans, Luke Evans, and Christopher W. Hughes

A New Silica Brick Without Lime Bonding 115
Gotz Heilemann, Stefan Postrach, Rongxing Bei, Bernhard Schmalenbach, and Klaus Santowski


An Improved Solution for Oxy-Fuel Fired Glass Melting Furnaces 123
Matthias Lindig

Batch Preheating on Container Glass Furnaces 133
Hansjurgen Barklage-Hilgefort

Energy Saving Options for Glass Furnaces and Recovery of Heat from Their Flue Gases and Experiences with Batch and Cullet Pre-Heaters Applied in the Glass Industry 143
Ruud Beerkens

Industrial Results of ALGLASS FH Oxy Fuel Forehearth Burner Operation 163
Robert Kalcevic, Remi Tsiava, Ryuji Fujinurna, Chendhill Periasarny, Rajeev Prabhakar, and George Todd

Float Fire Gas Fired System for Tin Float Lines 173
Jim Roberts, Herb Gessler, and Gary Deren

Evaluation and Implementation of X-Ray Analysis of Raw Materials Using Borate Fusion Samples 177
Neal T. Nichols and Brian D. Mitchell

Glass Surface Corrosion and Protective Interleaving Systems 181
Paul F. Duffer


Megatrends in the Commercial Glazing Market-A Challenge for the Glass Industry 191
James J. Finley

Looking Windward: Fiber Glass in the Energy Markets 203
Cheryl A. Richards

Current Glass Furnace Air Emission Compliance Issues 215
C. Philip Ross

Global Warming and Sustainability of the Glass Industry 227
Guy Tackels

Author Index 235