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70-215 ALS Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Server Package

70-215 ALS Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Server Package

Microsoft Official Academic Course

ISBN: 978-0-470-06584-6

Sep 2000

1250 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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Competency-based learning for the academic classroom.

Developed for academic courses, MICROSOFT® WINDOWS® 2000 SERVER helps students build the skills they need on the job and for MCP Exam 70-215—a core requirement on the Windows 2000 MCSE track. The textbook delivers Microsoft courseware adaptable for either a full 16-week semester or a 6-, 8-, or 10-week course. The book is filled with competency-based practice exercises that students complete on their own, while the companion lab manual features additional skill-building activities ideal for your classroom’s computer lab.

Along with the textbook and lab manual, students get a Student CD-ROM containing study aids, simulation video clips that demonstrate common procedures, an electronic version of the textbook, detailed information on how to begin a career in Information Technology, and a 120-day evaluation version of Windows 2000 Server software.

An Instructor CD-ROM containing a complete set of instructor support materials—including lecture outlines, teaching tips, PowerPoint® slides, test banks, and an instructor lab manual—is also available.

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About This Book.

Intended Audience.


Reference Materials.

About the CD-ROM.

Features of This Book.



Chapter and Appendix Overview.

Finding the Best Starting Point For You.

Getting Started.

The Microsoft Certified Professional Program.

Microsoft Certification Benefits.

Requirements for Becoming a Microsoft Certified Professional.

Technical Training for Computer Professionals.

Technical Support.

Chapter 1: Introduction to Microsoft Windows 2000.

Lesson 1: Overview of Windows 2000.

Lesson 2: Operating System Architecture.

Lesson 3: Windows 2000 Directory Services.

Chapter 2: Installing and Configuring Microsoft Windows 2000 Server.

Lesson 1: Preparing to Install Windows 2000 Server.

Lesson 2: Installing Windows 2000 Server.

Lesson 3: Upgrading to Windows 2000 Server.

Lesson 4: Troubleshooting a Windows 2000 Server Installation.

Chapter 3: Unattended Installations of Microsoft Windows 2000 Server.

Lesson 1: Preparing for an Unattended Installation of Windows 2000 Server.

Lesson 2: Automating the Installation of Windows 2000 Server.

Chapter 4: Microsoft Windows 2000 File Systems.

Lesson 1: Disk Management Basics.

Lesson 2: File Allocation Table (FAT).

Lesson 3: NT File System (NTFS).

Lesson 4: File System Security.

Chapter 5: Advanced File Systems.

Lesson 2: File Replication Service.

Chapter 6: Active Directory Services.

Lesson 1: Overview of Active Directory Services.

Lesson 2: Planning Active Directory Implementation.

Lesson 3: Implementing Active Directory Services.

Lesson 4: Administering Active Directory Services.

Chapter 7: Administering Microsoft Windows 2000 Server.

Lesson 1: Using the Microsoft Management Console.

Lesson 2: Administering User Accounts.

Lesson 3: Administering Group Accounts.

Lesson 4: Administering Group Policies.

Chapter 8: Administering Print Services.

Lesson 1: Introduction to Windows 2000 Printing.

Lesson 2: Setting Up Network Printers.

Lesson 3: Administering Network Printers.

Lesson 4: Printing and Active Directory Services.

Lesson 5: Connecting to Network Printers.

Chapter 9: Network Protocols and Services.

Lesson 1: Network Protocols.

Lesson 2: Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol.

Lesson 3: Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Service.

Lesson 4: Windows Internet Naming Service.

Lesson 5: Domain Name System.

Chapter 10: Routing and Remote Access Service.

Lesson 1: Introduction to the Routing and Remote Access Service.

Lesson 2: Features of the Routing and Remote Access Service.

Lesson 3: Remote Access.

Lesson 4: Virtual Private Networks.

Lesson 5: RRAS Tools.

Chapter 11: Microsoft Windows 2000 Security.

Lesson 1: Public Key Infrastructure.

Lesson 2: Public Key Technologies.

Lesson 3: The Kerberos Protocol in Windows 2000.

Lesson 5: Microsoft Windows 2000 Auditing.

Chapter 12: Reliability and Availability.

Lesson 2: Backing Up Data.

Lesson 3: Implementing Disaster Protection.

Chapter 13: Monitoring and Optimization.

Lesson 1: Disk Monitoring and Optimization.

Lesson 3: Performance Console.

Lesson 4: Network Monitor.

Chapter 14: Microsoft Windows 2000 Application Servers.

Lesson 1: Exploring Microsoft Internet Information Services 5.0 Features.

Lesson 4: Installing and Configuring Terminal Services.

Appendix A: Questions and Answers.

Appendix B: Sample Answer Files for Unattended Setup.

In This Appendix.

Answer File Format.

Answer File Keys and Values.

Sample Answer Files.

Sample 1: Default

Sample 2: Unattended Installation of Windows 2000 Professional from CD-ROM.

Sample 3: Install and Configure Windows 2000 and Configure Microsoft Internet Explorer with Proxy Settings.

Sample 4: Install and Configure Windows 2000 Server with Two Network Adapters.

Sample 5: Install Windows 2000 Advanced Server with Network Load Balancing.

Sample 6: Install Windows 2000 Advanced Server with Windows Clustering.

Appendix C: Installing Service Packs.

Service Pack Slipstreaming.

Post-Setup Installation of Service Pack.

Appendix D: Glossary.


Competency Based: Emphasizes learning by doing. The book contains exercises designed to give students plenty of opportunity to practice the skills needed to deploy, manage and troubleshoot Windows 2000 Server installations. Included in the book is a 120-Day Evaluation copy of Windows 2000 Server that enables the student to install Windows 2000 Server on a home PC to complete the in-text exercises.

Complete Learning Program: Delivers everything the student needs to learn how to do the job and prepare for MCP exam # 70-215. Written in a clear and straightforward manner, the textbook contains numerous learning aids designed to help the student master the material:
Tips explaining possible results or alternative methods

Important notations with information that is essential to completing a task

Notes containing supplemental information Cautions containing warnings about potential problems to look out for

Complete Instructor Support Program: Instructor CD accompanies the book with a complete set of teaching aids:
Model Course Description
Alternate course syllabi
Lecture outlines imbedded with teaching tips and suggestions for using PowerPoint slides
PowerPoint slides
Course pre-test
Test bank containing true false, multiple choice, short answer and scenario based questions
Brownstone Diploma testing and classroom management software
On-line Instructor Resource Center containing all instructor aids, monthly teaching tip and ideas updates, a download center, links to major academic shows attended by Microsoft and a Microsoft technology in the news center

Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Software: A 120-Day evaluation copy of Microsoft Windows 2000 Server comes with the book. This CD allows the student to install Windows 2000 Server at home to practice the skills needed to do the job. Many instructors use this CD to support the course lab work.