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70th Conference on Glass Problems, Volume 31, Issue 1



70th Conference on Glass Problems, Volume 31, Issue 1

Charles H. Drummond III (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-59466-7 May 2010 232 Pages


This issue contains a collection of papers presented at the 70th Conference on Glass Problems at The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio. Topics include melting and molding, refractories, and environmental issues and new products.

Foreword ix

Preface xi

Acknowledgments xiii


Rapid Refining of Submerged Combustion Melter Product Glass 3
David Rue, Walter Kunc, John Wagner, Bruno Purnode, and Aaron Huber

Modeling the Quality of Glass Melting Processes 11
Adriaan Lankhorst, Andries Habraken, Mathi Rongen, Philip Simons, and Ruud Beerkens

Process Optimization of the Glass Forming Process by Advanced  3D Forming Models 21
Erik Muijsenberg

Operational Experience of an Oxy-Fuel Fired Glass Melter Using an  Improved Silica Crown and Wide Flame Burners 33
Alonso Gonzalez, Wladimir Sarmiento-Darkin, John T. Brown, Len Switzer, Euan Evenson, Sho Kobayashi, and Cuauhtemoc Lagos

C'mon, Level with Me 45
Terry Berg


How Big is My Carbon Footprint? 53
Todd J. Seifried, Christopher J. Hoyle, and Douglas H. Davis

ICG: A Global Cooperation in the Challenging World of Glass 67
Fabiano Nicoletti and René Vacher

Particle Size Measurements in the Flue Gas of Glass Melting  Furnaces 75
Andreas Kasper, Simon Slade, Dilek Bolean, and Guy van Marcke de Lummen

Ceramic Filter Elements for Emission Control on Glass Furnaces Efficient Multi-Pollutant Treatment in a Single Step 85
Gary Elliott and Andrew Startin

Requirements for Glass Compositions for Solar Applications 97
A. Ganjoo, L. J. Shelestak, J. W. McCamy, and M. Arbab

Strategic Materials: Strategic Planning, Geopolitical Forces and Risk Management 107
Peter Wray


Red Lion Bio-Energy—Syngas Production from a Novel Thermal Conversion Process of Coal/Biomass 121
Douglas Struble

Macro Energy Balances 127
John Brown and John Nelson

Glass Furnace Stack Gas Calculation Issues 135
C. Philip Ross

Increase of Glass Production Efficiency and Energy Efficiency with Model-Based Predictive Control 143
Erik Muijsenberg, Menno Eisenga, and Jörg Buchmayer

Temperature Distributions in Glass Gobs between Shears and Blank Mold: Calculations and Measurements 151
Hayo Müller-Simon, Gesine Bergmann, and Kristina Kessler


Postmortem of a Conventional Silica Brick from a Soda-Lime Float Glass Furnace Crown 161
Warren Curtis

Refractory Ceramic Fibers 175
Joe Ventura and Daniel M. Wood

Refractory Solutions for Extra White Glasses 179
Michèle Blackburn, L. Massard, and M. Gaubil

Testing and Performance of Fusion-Cast Refractories 189
Amul Gupta, Kevin Selkregg, and Roland Heidrich

Mullite Regenerators—An Optimum Solution 203
Chris Windle and Trevor Wilson

Author Index 217