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75 e-Learning Activities: Making Online Learning Interactive

75 e-Learning Activities: Making Online Learning Interactive

Ryan Watkins

ISBN: 978-1-118-53916-3

Apr 2005, Pfeiffer

352 pages

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This invaluable resource can help transform online courses into exciting, meaningful, and active e-learning experiences. 75 e-Learning Activities is filled with scores of e-learning activities and games that offer trainers and instructors a handbook for creating interactive and engaging online courses. Much like the activities and games used in traditional classroom training, these e-learning activities can be used to increase interactivity, engage learners, accomplish learning objectives, develop online relationships, promote active learning, and create learning communities. With many examples available on the CD-ROM for easy online transfer, the activities can help elaborate on course content through the use of online technologies such as chat rooms, email, or discussion boards.
Section 1. Tips for effective e-learning design and delivery.

Section 2. Introductions and icebreakers.

Section 3. E-learning skills.

Section 4. Collaboration and team building.

Section 5. Elaborating on course content.

Section 6. Increasing interactivity.