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90 Days to Launch: Internet Projects On Time and On Budget

90 Days to Launch: Internet Projects On Time and On Budget

Shayne F. Gilbert

ISBN: 978-0-471-43681-2 August 2001 224 Pages




The first project management guide for launching and managing Internet projects
This book provides a field-proven framework that will help managers streamline the project management process for all types of Internet projects-especially those relating to E-commerce. Based on the author's expertise on Internet business initiatives, 90 Days to Launch instructs managers on formulating and managing a budget, selecting and screening vendors, assembling the project team, developing the project plan and timeline, and successfully launching the site. A unique feature of this book is the author's RFP Blueprint, which provides managers with a standard and guidelines for soliciting, screening, and selecting vendors.
Shayne Gilbert (Boston, MA) is the founder of Silverweave, an Internet strategy firm that has delivered online results for clients such as Lucent, Hay/McBer and BankBoston. Ms. Gilbert's work has been recognized in the Wall Street Journal, the Boston Globe, and Wired.

Defining the Project Management Path.

Determining the Fastest Route to Internet Success.

Establishing the Destination Point.


Selecting the Passengers.

Leapfrogging Competitive Barriers.

Creating a Smooth Customer Ride.

Building the Engine.


Writing the Directions.

Finding the Mechanics.

Finalizing the Directions.

Selecting the Navigators.


Navigating the Launch.

Appendix: Project Blueprint.

"A useful title for those who have a project in the pipeline, this book will not only assist you in meeting your deadline, but also in making the initiative a success..." (Internet Works, April 2001)

"...a good book for e-business newcomers." (M2 Communications, 2 February 2001)