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94 Terrific Ways to Recruit Volunteers, 2nd Edition

94 Terrific Ways to Recruit Volunteers, 2nd Edition

Scott C. Stevenson (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-69180-9

May 2013, Jossey-Bass

48 pages

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Originally published by Stevenson, Inc., this practical resource presents a variety of recruitment strategies including: how to identify and target particular types of volunteers, procedures for enlisting groups of volunteers, techniques for recruiting through publicity and the media, and more. Examples of useful forms, letters, and brochures used to attract volunteers are also included.

Important topics covered include:

  • Low-tech recruitment efforts
  • Retirement outreach
  • Minority outreach
  • Overcoming recruitment obstacles
  • Volunteer brochures
  • Collaboration
  • Tapping new constituents, i.e. single parents, baby boomers, techies, youth
  • Tapping companies for volunteers and grants
  • Corporate partnerships for volunteers, grants, and funds
  • Volunteer recognition
  • Volunteer incentives
  • Communication plans
  • Pro Bono consultants
  • Staff preparation
  • Volunteer continuity
Please note that some content featured in the original version of this title has been removed in this published version due to permissions issues.