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97 Tips for Canadian Real Estate Investors 2.0

Don R. Campbell, Peter Kinch, Barry McGuire, Russell Westcott

ISBN: 978-0-470-96419-4 April 2011 320 Pages


From the Bestselling Author of Real Estate Investing in Canada 2.0

What can you learn from four Canadian real estate experts who have 100-plus years of collective investing experience?

Whether you are a beginning investor or own a portfolio of residential properties, 97 Tips for Canadian Real Estate Investors, 2nd Edition provides you with insights, strategies and success stories to build your wealth according to a proven system. Investors will learn about how to adapt to shifting market conditions, and financing and marketing strategies designed to improve cash flow and attract long-term tenants.

You’ll discover the challenges and pitfalls that investors experience and how to avoid them. At your fingertips and success strategies based on the Authentic Canadian Real Estate System. From understanding the principles and economics of Investing, to sourcing properties and financing, closing deals and becoming a landlord, 97 Tips is chockfull of great ideas for investors who want to achieve beyond their dreams.

Praise from Canadian Investors for Real Estate Investing in Canada and the Acre System

“This material was absolutely essential for getting my investing jumpstarted. Thank you!” –Marianne Malo Chenard

“To compare this system to other real estate investing educators is like comparing day to night. I get all the information on a proven system I need. I don’t have to pay thousands of extra dollars to get the ‘Next level’ of training.” –Michael Colson

“If you are serious about taking control of your finances through real estate, this book is the perfect starting point.” –Joe Iannuzzi

“Excellent advice on how to make profitable business decisions and how to know what the red flags are. –Kimberley Pashak

Special Bonus

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Introduction xi

Part 1: Stop Thinking . . . Start Knowing! The Foundation on Which All Is Built 1

Part 2: Money Matters: Mortgage and Financing Tips 29

Part 3: How to Make Your Investment System Work 85

Part 4: Focus on the Two Types of Economic Fundamentals and Dramatically Increase Your Bottom-Line Results 103

Part 5: Data, Bricks and Mortar: The Practical Side of Wealth Creation Through Real Estate Investment 149

Part 6: Negotiate the Deal You Want (Practice Makes Perfect) 183

Part 7: Purchasing and Closing: The Art of the Deal 193

Part 8: Tenancy Issues: Make Defence Your Best Offence 225

Part 9: Legal Insights and Tax Tips: What You’ve Got to Know (So It Won’t Hurt You) 251

Appendix 285

Property Goldmine Score Card 286

All Properties Due Diligence Checklist 287

Condominium Purchase Due Diligence Checklist 290

Statutory Declaration 293

REIN Property Analyzer 296

Support Tools and Key Contacts 298

Real Estate Investment Network—REIN 299

About the Authors 300

Index of Tips 302