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A Companion to Ancient Thrace



A Companion to Ancient Thrace

Julia Valeva (Editor), Emil Nankov (Editor), Denver Graninger (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-87805-7 April 2015 Wiley-Blackwell 512 Pages

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A Companion to Ancient Thrace presents a series of essays that reveal the newly recognized complexity of the social and cultural phenomena of the peoples inhabiting the Balkan periphery of the Classical world.

• Features a rich and detailed overview of Thracian history from the Early Iron Age to Late Antiquity

• Includes contributions from leading scholars in the archaeology, art history, and general history of Thrace

• Balances consideration of material evidence relating to Ancient Thrace with more traditional literary sources

• Integrates a study of Thrace within a broad context that includes the cultures of the eastern Mediterranean, southwest Asia, and southeast Europe/Eurasia

• Reflects the impact of new theoretical approaches to economy, ethnicity, and cross-cultural interaction and hybridity in Ancient Thrace

Editors’ Preface ix

Notes on Contributors xi

Abbreviations xiv

Part I Thrace and Thracians 1

1 An Introduction to Studying Ancient Thrace 3
Nikola Theodossiev

2 Geography 12
Jan Bouzek and Denver Graninger

3 Ethnicity and Ethne 22
Denver Graninger

Part II History 33

4 Early History of Thrace to the Murder of Kotys I (360 bce) 35
Michael Zahrnt

5 Thrace from the Assassination of Kotys I to Koroupedion (360–281 bce) 48
Peter Delev

6 From Koroupedion to the Beginning of the Third Mithridatic War (281–73 bce) 59
Peter Delev

7 Roman Thrace 75
Ivaylo Lozanov

8 Thrace in Late Antiquity 91
Boyan Dumanov

Part III Evidence 107

9 Settlements 109
Hristo Popov

10 Dolmens and Rock-Cut Monuments 126
Georgi Nekhrizov

11 “Ritual Pits” 144
Rumyana Georgieva

12 Tomb Architecture 158
Daniela Stoyanova

13 The Decoration of Thracian Chamber Tombs 180
Julia Valeva

14 Gold, Silver, and Bronze Vessels 197
Julia Valeva

15 Adornments 212
Milena Tonkova

16 The Pottery of Ancient Thrace 229
Anelia Bozkova

17 Inscriptions 243
Dan Dana

18 Introduction to the Numismatics of Thrace, ca. 530 bce–46 ce 265
Evgeni I. Paunov

Part IV Influence and Interaction 293

19 The Greek Colonists 295
Margarit Damyanov

20 Athens 308
Matthew A. Sears

21 Persia 320
Maya Vassileva

22 Thracian and Macedonian Kingship 337
William S. Greenwalt

23 Thracians and Scythians: Tensions, Interactions and Osmosis 352
David Braund

24 Celts 366
Julij Emilov

Part V Controversies 383

25 Social Life of Thrace 385
Zosia Archibald

26 Urbanization 399
Emil Nankov

27 Trade 412
Chavdar Tzochev

28 Warfare 426
Totko Stoyanov

29 Religion 443
Kostadin Rabadjiev

Index 457

"Despite the enormous volume of information and the extent of the topics covered in the Companion, the individual chapters show a remarkable cohesion.... Sincere praise is due to the editors for their achivement. The Companion offers a concise but reliable and often in-depth orientation for anyone researching Thracian matters and their connections to the neighboring cultures. I would strongly recommend its purchase...." - Bryn Mawr Classical Review

“...a useful and engaging guide for students and academics alike interested in aspects of ancient Thrace, and adjacent cultures.”  - Assemblage

"...this volume offers comprehensive and up-to-date essays on a variety of historical and socio-cultural issues that represent mainly contemporary Bulgarian scholarship on ancient largely fulfils what it promises and reveals potential for furtherbridging of the methodological insufficiency clearly inferred in a great number of texts."
- Ancient West and East, Volume 17, 2018