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A Companion to Angular Momentum

A Companion to Angular Momentum

Valeria D. Kleiman, Hongkun Park, Robert J. Gordon, Richard N. Zare

ISBN: 978-0-471-19249-7 September 1998 208 Pages


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Angular momentum is a basic concept used in classical physics. Examples of phenomena that are related to angular momentum are: 1) Why a moving bicycle does not fall over and 2) why the currents in the ocean of the rotating earth tend to follow circular motions. Designed as a learning tool for those with limited background in quantum mechanics and to compliment Zare's Angular Momentum, this book provides examples, problems, & solutions in angular momentum in quantum mechanics and its applications to chemistry and physics.
Angular Momentum Operators and Wave Functions.

Coupling of Two Angular Momentum Vectors.

Transformation Under Rotation.

Coupling of More Than Two Angular Momentum Vectors.

Spherical Tensor Operators.

Energy-Level Structure and Wave Functions of a Rigid Rotor.

Errata to 2nd Printing of Angular Momentum.