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A Companion to Dada and Surrealism

David Hopkins (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-47618-5 May 2016 Wiley-Blackwell 496 Pages


This excellent overview of new research on Dada and Surrealism blends expert synthesis of the latest scholarship with completely new research, offering historical coverage as well as in-depth discussion of thematic areas ranging from criminality to gender.
  • This book provides an excellent overview of new research on Dada and Surrealism from some of the finest established and up-and-coming scholars in the field
  • Offers historical coverage as well as in–depth discussion of thematic areas ranging from criminality to gender
  • One of the first studies to produce global coverage of the two movements, it also includes a section dealing with the critical and cultural aftermath of Dada and Surrealism in the later twentieth century
  • Dada and Surrealism are arguably the most popular areas of modern art, both in the academic and public spheres

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Editor xi

Notes on Contributors xii

Acknowledgments xvii

Introduction 1
David Hopkins

Part I Histories/Geographies 19

1 Dada's Genesis: Zurich 21
Debbie Lewer

2 Neue Jugend: A Case Study in Berlin Dada 38
Sherwin Simmons

3 Dada Migrations: Definition, Dispersal, and the Case of Schwitters 54
Michael White

4 New York Dada: From End to Beginning 70
David Hopkins

5 Nothing, Ventured: Paris Dada into Surrealism 89
Elizabeth Legge

6 Surrealism and the Question of Politics, 1925–1939 110
Raymond Spiteri

7 “Other” Surrealisms: Center and Periphery in International Perspective 131
Michael Richardson

8 Dada and Surrealism in Japan 144
Majella Munro

9 Dada and Surrealism in Central and Eastern Europe 161
Krzysztof Fijałkowski

10 Surrealism in Latin America 177
Dawn Ades

Part II Themes and Interpretations 197

11 Dissemination: The Dada and Surrealist Journals 199
Emily Hage

12 Artists into Curators: Dada and Surrealist Exhibition Practices 211
Adam Jolles

13 Dada and Surrealist Poetics 225
Eric Robertson

14 Chance and Automatism: Genealogies of the Dissociative in Dada and Surrealism 242
Abigail Susik

15 Crime/Insurrection 258
Jonathan P. Eburne

16 Re‐enchantment: Surrealist Discourses of Childhood, Hermeticism, and the Outmoded 270
David Hopkins

17 Surrealism and Natural History: Nature and the Marvelous in Breton and Caillois 287
Donna Roberts

18 The Surrealist Collection: Ghosts in the Laboratory 304
Katharine Conley

19 The Ethnographic Turn 319
Julia Kelly

20 Desire Bound: Violence, Body, Machine 334
Neil Cox

21 Equivocal Gender: Dada/Surrealism and Sexual Politics between the Wars 352
Tirza True Latimer

22 Feminist Interventions: Revising the Canon 366
Patricia Allmer

Part III Continuations/Aftermaths 383

23 The Surrealist Movement since the 1940s 385
Steven Harris

24 Dada, Surrealism and their Heritage? The North American Reception of Dada and Surrealism 400
James Boaden

25 Surrealism and Counterculture 416
Elliott H. King

26 Assimilation: Objects; Commodities; Fashion 431
Ulrich Lehmann

27 Sightings: Surrealist Idiolect, Gothic Marxism, Global Perils 449
Angela Dimitrakaki

Index 464