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A Companion to Dental Anthropology

Joel D. Irish, G. Richard Scott

ISBN: 978-1-118-84548-6 October 2015 Wiley-Blackwell 560 Pages


Companion to Dental Anthropology presents a collection of original readings addressing all aspects and sub-disciplines of the field of dental anthropology—from its origins and evolution through to the latest scientific research.
  • Represents the most comprehensive coverage of all sub-disciplines of dental anthropology available today
  • Features individual chapters written by  experts in their specific area of dental research
  • Includes authors who also present results from their research through case studies or voiced opinions about their work
  • Offers extensive coverage of topics relating to dental evolution, morphometric variation, and pathology

Notes on Contributors viii

Foreword xv

Acknowledgments xviii

Part I Context 1

1 Introduction to Dental Anthropology 3
Joel D. Irish and G. Richard Scott

2 A Brief History of Dental Anthropology 7
G. Richard Scott

Part II Dental Evolution 19

3 Origins and Functions of Teeth: From “Toothed” Worms to Mammals 21
Peter S. Ungar

4 The Teeth of Prosimians, Monkeys, and Apes 37
Frank P. Cuozzo

5 The Hominins 1: Australopithecines and Their Ancestors 52
Lucas K. Delezene

6 The Hominins 2: The Genus Homo 67
Maria Martinón]Torres and José María Bermúdez de Castro

Part III The Human Dentition 85

7 Terms and Terminology Used in Dental Anthropology 87
Joel D. Irish

8 Anatomy of Individual Teeth and Tooth Classes 94
Loren R. Lease

9 The Masticatory System and Its Function 108
Peter W. Lucas

Part IV Dental Growth and Development 121

10 An Overview of Dental Genetics 123
Toby Hughes, Grant Townsend, and Michelle Bockmann

11 Odontogenesis 142
Edward F. Harris

12 Tooth Eruption and Timing 159
Helen M. Liversidge

13 Tooth Classes, Field Concepts, and Symmetry 172
Grant Townsend, Alan Brook, Robin Yong, and Toby Hughes

Part V Dental Histology from the Inside Out 189

14 The Pulp Cavity and Its Contents 191
Scott S. Legge and Anna M. Hardin

15 Dentine and Cementum Structure and Properties 204
Nancy Tang, Adeline Le Cabec, and Daniel Antoine

16 Enamel Structure and Properties 223
Daniel Antoine and Simon Hillson

Part VI Dental Morphometric Variation in Populations 245

17 Identifying and Recording Key Morphological (Nonmetric) Crown and Root Traits 247
G. Richard Scott, Christopher Maier and Kelly Heim

18 Assessing Dental Nonmetric Variation among Populations 265
Joel D. Irish

19 Measurement of Tooth Size (Odontometrics) 287
Brian E. Hemphill

20 Assessing Odontometric Variation among Populations 311
Brian E. Hemphill

Part VII Dental Morphometric Variation in Individuals 337

21 Forensic Odontology 339
Heather J.H. Edgar and Anna L.M. Rautman

22 Estimating Age, Sex, and Individual ID from Teeth 362
Christopher W. Schmidt

23 Indicators of Idiosyncratic Behavior in the Dentition 377
Christopher M. Stojanowski, Kent M. Johnson, Kathleen S. Paul, and Charisse L. Carver

24 Dentition, Behavior, and Diet Determination 396
Kristin L. Krueger

Part VIII Dental Health and Disease 413

25 Crown Wear: Identification and Categorization 415
Scott E. Burnett

26 Caries: The Ancient Scourge 433
Daniel H. Temple

27 Dental Stress Indicators from Micro] to Macroscopic 450
Debbie Guatelli]Steinberg

28 A Host of Other Dental Diseases and Disorders 465
Greg C. Nelson

Part IX The Future of Dental Anthropology 485

29 New Directions in Dental Development Research 487
John P. Hunter and Debbie Guatelli]Steinberg

30 Chemical and Isotopic Analyses of Dental Tissues 499
Louise T. Humphrey

31 Non]Invasive Imaging Techniques 514
José Braga

Index 528