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A Companion to Folklore

Regina F. Bendix (Editor), Galit Hasan-Rokem (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-444-35438-6 March 2012 Wiley-Blackwell 696 Pages


A Companion to Folklore presents an original and comprehensive collection of essays from international experts in the field of folklore studies. Unprecedented in depth and scope, this state-of-the-art collection uniquely displays the vitality of folklore research across the globe.
  • An unprecedented collection of original, state of the art essays on folklore authored by international experts
  • Examines the practices and theoretical approaches developed to understand the phenomena of folklore
  • Considers folklore in the context of multi-disciplinary topics that include poetics, performance, religious practice, myth, ritual and symbol, oral textuality, history, law, politics and power as well as the social base of folklore
  • Selected by Choice as a 2013 Outstanding Academic Title
Notes on Contributors viii

Introduction 1
Regina F. Bendix and Galit Hasan-Rokem

Part I Concepts and Phenomena 7

Introduction: Concepts and Phenomena 9
Regina F. Bendix and Galit Hasan-Rokem

1 The Social Base of Folklore 13
Dorothy Noyes

2 Tradition Without End 40
Francisco Vaz da Silva

3 The Poetics of Folklore 55
Amy Shuman and Galit Hasan-Rokem

4 Three Aspects of Oral Textuality 75
Peter Seitel

5 Performance 94
Richard Bauman

6 Myth-Ritual-Symbol 119
Hagar Salamon and Harvey E. Goldberg

7 Religious Practice 136
Sabina Magliocco

8 Work and Professions 154
Gertraud Koch

9 Material Culture 169
Orvar Löfgren

Part II Location 185

Introduction: Location 187
Regina F. Bendix and Galit Hasan-Rokem

10 Translingual Folklore and Folklorics in China 190
Lydia H. Liu

11 Japan 211
Akiko Mori

12 India 234
Sadhana Naithani

13 Oceania 248
Phillip H. McArthur

14 Folklore and Folklore Studies in Latin America 265
Fernando Fischman

15 Folklore Studies in the United States 286
Lee Haring and Regina F. Bendix

16 Dancing Around Folklore: Constructing a National Culture in Turkey 305
Arzu Öztürkmen

17 Folklore Studies In Israel 325
Dani Schrire and Galit Hasan-Rokem

18 Fulani (Peul, Fulfulde, Pulaar) Literature 349
Ursula Baumgardt

19 From Volkskunde to the “Field of Many Names”: Folklore Studies in German-Speaking Europe Since 1945 364
Regina F. Bendix

20 Finland 391
Lauri Harvilahti

21 Ireland 409
Diarmuid Ó Giolláin

22 Russia 426
Alexander Panchenko

Part III Reflection 443

Introduction: Reflection 445
Regina F. Bendix and Galit Hasan-Rokem

23 Folklore and Literature 447
Cristina Bacchilega

24 Folklore and/in Music 464
Stephen D. Winick

25 Folklore and/on Film 483
Pauline Greenhill

26 Cultural Heritage 500
Valdimar T. Hafstein

27 Cultural Property 520
Martin Skrydstrup

28 Folklore: Legal and Constitutional Power 537
Alison Dundes Renteln

Part IV Practice 555

Introduction: Practice
Regina F. Bendix and Galit Hasan-Rokem 557

29 Seeing, Hearing, Feeling, Writing: Approaches and Methods from the Perspective of Ethnological Analysis of the Present 559
Brigitta Schmidt-Lauber

30 Imagining Public Folklore 579
Debora Kodish

31 The Institutionalization of Folklore 598
Bjarne Rogan

Index 631

"Covering information across time periods and continents, this truly is a multicultural and multidisciplinary approach to folklore studies."  (American Reference Books Annual, 1 November 2015)

“This 660-page anthology is important, containing thirty-six essays by thirty-three scholars, who represent different countries and approaches to the study of folklore.”  (Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute, 1 March 2014)

“A Companion to Folkloreis nothing if not international, and this quality alone distinguishes it from most earlier reference works and makes it an important resource for the field.”  (Western Folklore, 1 May 2013

“If so, we will have gained tremendously through the one-time exposure that this high-profile, and intellectually rich, project will have provided us, as well as from the technical and political-economic lessons that it can teach us. These are among the upsides, for which I am very grateful. At a simple level, I am tremendously appreciative of the work undertaken by the editors and for the gift of a review copy, which I know I will be consulting constantly in the years ahead.”  (Journal of Folklore Research, 3 April 2013)

Named CHOICE Outstanding Title for 2012

“Nearly all college and university libraries will want this book.  Summing Up: Essential.  All academic levels/libraries.”  (Choice, 1 November 2012)