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A Companion to François Truffaut



A Companion to François Truffaut

Dudley Andrew (Editor), Anne Gillain (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-32120-1 February 2013 Wiley-Blackwell 640 Pages

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The 34 essays of this collection by leading international scholars reassess Truffaut's impact on cinema as they locate the unique quality of his thematic obsessions and his remarkable narrative techniques.  Almost 30 years after his death, we are presented with strikingly original perspectives on his background, influences, and importance.Bridges a gap in film scholarship with a series of 34 original essays by leading film scholars that assess the lasting impact of Truffaut’s work

  • Provides striking new readings of individual films, and new perspectives on Truffaut’s background, influences, and importance
  • Offers a wide choice of critical perspectives ranging from current reflections in film theories to articles applying methodologies that have recently been neglected or considered controversial
  • Includes international viewpoints from a range of European countries, and from Japan, New Zealand, and Brazil
  • Draws on Truffaut’s archives at the BiFI (Bibliotheque du film) in Paris
  • Includes an extended interview with French filmmaker Arnaud Desplechin concerning Truffaut’s shifting stature in French film culture and his manner of thought and work as a director

Acknowledgments viii

Notes on Contributors ix

Preface xv

Filmography xxiii

Part I La Planète Truffaut 1

1. Interview with Arnaud Desplechin, Part I: Truffaut and His Position 3
Anne Gillain and Dudley Andrew

2. Truffaut and His “Doubles” 23
Martin Lefebvre

3. Aesthetic Affinities: François Truffaut, Patrick Modiano, Douglas Sirk 71
Anne Gillain

4. Interview with Arnaud Desplechin, Part II: Truffaut and His Methods 105
Anne Gillain and Dudley Andrew

Part II Style and Sensibility 125

5. Flashes of Happiness 127
Alain Bergala

6. Truffaut and the Photographic: Cinema, Fetishism, Death 137
Junji Hori

7. The Impasse of Intimacy: Romance and Tragedy in Truffaut’s Cinema 153
John Orr

8. A Fine Madness: Digressions on Pathologies in Truffaut’s Films 173
Francis Vanoye

9. The Ecstatic Pan 184
Phil Powrie

10. The Untimely Moment and the Correct Distance 205
Adrian Martin

Part III The Making of a Filmmaker 219

11. Every Teacher Needs a Truant: Bazin and L’Enfant sauvage 221
Dudley Andrew

12. Certain Tendencies of Truffaut’s Film Criticism 242
Richard Neupert

13. Truffaut–Hitchcock 265
Jonathan Everett Haynes

14. The Paradox of “Familiarity”: Truffaut, Heir of Renoir 283
Ludovic Cortade

15. Cain and Abel: Godard and Truffaut 300
Michel Marie

16. Friction, Failure, and Fire: Truffaut as Adaptive Auteur 317
Timothy Corrigan

Part IV Truffaut and His Time 333

17. Growing Up with the French New Wave 335
James Tweedie

18. Bad Objects: Truffaut’s Radicalism 356
Sam Di Iorio

19. Between Renoir and Hitchcock: The Paradox of Truffaut’s Women 375
Ginette Vincendeau

20. Truffaut in the Mirror of Japan 388
Kan Nozaki

Part V Films 401

21. Directing Children: The Double Meaning of Self-Consciousness 403
Angela Dalle Vacche

22. Jules et Jim … et Walter Benjamin 420
Dudley Andrew

23. Digging Up the Past: Jules et Jim 434
Elizabeth Ezra

24. The Elevator and the Telephone: On Urgency in La Peau douce 448
Michel Chion

25. La Peau douce: A Psychogeography of Silky Cinephilia 454
Tom Conley

26. La Peau douce: François Truffaut’s Passionate Object 469
Hilary Radner

27. An Unsettling Passage: From Les Deux Anglaises et le continent to La Chambre verte 489
Carlos Losilla

28. The Structural Role of Intervals in L’Argent de poche 507
Alain Bergala

29. To Die or to Love: Modern Don Juans in Truffaut and Oliveira 517
Luiza Jatobá

30. Film as Literature: or the Truffaldian Malaise (L’Homme qui aimait les femmes) 530
Lúcia Nagib

31. The Elegist: François Truffaut inside La Chambre verte 546
Philip Watts

32. La Chambre verte and the Beating Heart of Truffaut’s Oeuvre 561
Françoise Zamour

33. Le Dernier Métro: An Underground Golden Coach 571
Jean-Michel Frodon

34. Disillusionment and Magic in La Nuit américaine and Le Dernier Métro 584
Marc Vernet

Index 594

"A superb compendium of 34 critical essays on the late French film director ... Truffaut's deeply human and penetrating films come alive for the reader. A splendid 'companion' offering fresh insight and thoughtful analysis on every page. Summing Up: Highly recommended. Lower-level undergraduates and above."  (Choice, 1 September 2013)