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A Companion to Franklin D. Roosevelt

William D. Pederson (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-444-33016-8 April 2011 Wiley-Blackwell 784 Pages


A Companion to Franklin D. Roosevelt presents a collection of historiographical essays by leading scholars that provides a comprehensive review of the scholarship on the president who led the United States through the tumultuous period from the Great Depression to the waning days of World War II.
  • Represents a state-of-the-art assessment of current scholarship on FDR, the only president elected to four terms of office and the central figure in key events of the first half of the 20th century
  • Covers all aspects of FDR's life and times, from his health, relationships, and Supreme Court packing, to New Deal policies, institutional issues, and international relations
  • Features 35 essays by leading FDR scholars

List of Figures x

Preface xi

Notes on Contributors xiv

1 FDR Biographies 1
Kenneth E. Hendrickson, Jr

2 Eleanor Roosevelt Biographies 15
Norman W. Provizer

3 Pre-Presidential Career 34
Timothy W. Kneeland

4 Physical and Psychological Health 59
Robert P. Watson

5 The Election of 1932 77
Donald A. Ritchie

6 The 1936–1944 Campaigns 96
Sean J. Savage

7 Urban and Regional Interests 114
Stefano Luconi

8 Minorities 135
Cherisse Jones-Branch

9 Labor 155
Martin Halpern

10 Business 186
Patrick D. Reagan

11 Opponents at Home and Abroad 206
Joseph Edward Lee

12 FDR as a Communicator 222
Betty Houchin Winfield

13 The New Deal 238
June Hopkins

14 The Banking Crisis 259
James S. Olson and Brian Domitrovic

15 FDR and Agriculture 279
Jean Choate

16 Conservation 298
Byron W. Daynes

17 Political Culture 318
Richard M. Fried

18 Human Rights 340
Wesley K. Mosier

19 The Institutional Presidency 362
Rodney A. Grunes

20 Political and Administrative Style 385
Margaret C. Rung

21 The Congress 405
John Thomas McGuire

22 The Supreme Court 427
Stephen K. Shaw

23 The American Military 443
Lance Janda

24 Science and Technology 459
Peter K. Parides

25 Intelligence 480
R. Blake Dunnavent

26 Relations with the British and French 493
Kevin E. Smith

27 Relations with Canada 517
Galen Roger Perras

28 The Good Neighbor Policy and the Americas 542
Michael R. Hall

29 Relations with the Soviet Union 564
William E. Kinsella, Jr

30 Relations with China and India 590
William Ashbaugh

31 Relations with Japan 612
William Ashbaugh

32 Relations with Italy and Nazi Germany 636
Regina U. Gramer

33 Relations with Spain and European Neutrals 653
David A. Messenger

34 International Legacy 672
Mary Stockwell

35 Political Reputation 690
Patrick J. Maney

Bibliography 710

Index 732

“Overall this is a great addition to the literature on Franklin Roosevelt, combining as it does an encapsulation of all the historical research about him and his presidency in every aspect from conservation and the Supreme Court to war policy and relations with Canada.”  (Expofairs, 13 March 2013)

“So librarians who have readers with an interest in this subject should watch out for further books in the series.”  (Reference Reviews, 2012)

"The range of essays, each with endnotes and further readings, is impressive; the book covers not only the usual subjects such as the New Deal, foreign relations, and the presidential elections, but other less discussed issues such as conditions and treatment of minorities and land conservation . . . For serious students of FDR's presidency, from undergraduates to faculty and scholars, this is an indispensable foundational source." (Library Journal, 2011)