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A Companion to German Literature: From 1500 to the Present



A Companion to German Literature: From 1500 to the Present

Eda Sagarra, Peter Skrine

ISBN: 978-0-631-17122-5 August 1997 Wiley-Blackwell 400 Pages



Presents, in an immensely readable yet profoundly scholarly account, the history of German literature from the Reformation and Renaissance to the late twentieth century, in the wider context of Germanic culture, over the whole German-speaking area of Europe.

List of Maps.

Note to the Reader.

1. The Sixteenth Century.

2. The Seventeenth Century.

3. The Augustan Age of German Literature.

4. The Classical Age of German Literature.

5. The Romantic Era.

6. From Biedermeier to Realism.

7. The Literature of the Metropolis.

8. Classical Modernism.

9. Literature after 1945.


Biographical Index.

General Index.

"The whole book is more thoughtfully planned and more disciplined in execution than the Cambridge volume {'History' by Watanabe}."

"Due attention is paid to women's writing without distortion of historical reality."

"Overall it is fair to say that Sagarra and Skrine win on points over the Cambridge team {'History' by Watanabe}." Boyd Mullan, The Year's Work in Modern Language Studies

  • Provides a comprehensive narrative from 1500 to the present.

  • Attends in detail to the wider cultural background.

  • Transcends boundaries to treat the whole of German-speaking Europe.

  • Acknowledges rich contribution of women writers over many centuries.

  • Supplemented by a detailed, alphabetic biographical index.