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A Companion to Metaphysics

A Companion to Metaphysics

Jaegwon Kim (Editor), Ernest Sosa (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-631-19999-1

Jan 1996, Wiley-Blackwell

560 pages

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A Companion to Metaphysics provides a survey of the whole of metaphysics and includes articles by many of the most distinguished scholars in the field.
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A Companion to Metaphysics.


"The Companion has a number of virtues that make it a useful resource for both students and professional philosophers. I must single out those {entries} on the continental philosophers and concepts as especially clearly written, non-jargony introductions. Many of the entries provided charming little arguments, or twists, on behalf of the author's already known positions. Indeed, this feature of the 'Companion' makes it of value even to the most advanced philosopher, already quite familiar with the topic." Alan Sidelle, The Philosophical Review
  • Sister volume to the acclaimed Companion to Epistemology (Blackwell 1992)
  • Over 200 main entries
  • Internationally acclaimed contributors.