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A Companion to Modernist Poetry

A Companion to Modernist Poetry

David E. Chinitz (Editor), Gail McDonald (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-60442-7

Mar 2014

624 pages


Offering a comprehensive and up-to-date survey of the field, A Companion to Modernist Poetry provides readers with detailed discussions of individual poets, ‘schools’ and ‘movements’ within modernist poetry, and the cultural and historical context of the modernist period.

  • Provides an in-depth and accessible summary of the latest trends in the study of modernist poetry
  • Balances discussion of individual poets, ‘schools’, and ‘movements’ with in-depth literary and historical context
  • Brings recent scholarship to bear on the subject of modernist poetry while also providing guidance on poets who are historically important
  • Edited by highly respected and notable critics in the field who have a broad knowledge of current debates and of rising and senior scholars in the field
Notes on Contributors ix

Introduction 1
David E. Chinitz and Gail McDonald

1 Rhythm, Form, and Diction in Modernist Poetry 4
Michael H. Whitworth

Part I Influences and Institutions 21

2 Urbanism 23
Julia E. Daniel

3 The Visual Arts 34
Leonard Diepeveen

4 Music 47
Brad Bucknell

5 Fiction 58
John Xiros Cooper

6 Science and Technology 69
Katy Price

7 Popular Culture 81
Michael Coyle

8 Religion: Orthodoxies and Alternatives 95
Lara Vetter

9 Politics 107
Sascha Bru

10 War and Empire 119
Vincent Sherry

11 Psychology and Sexuality 132
Gabrielle McIntire

12 Symbolism and Decadence 144
Barry J. Faulk

13 The European Avant-Garde 157
Michael Levenson

14 Little Magazines 172
Suzanne W. Churchill

15 Modernist Criticism 185
Chris Baldick

Part II Groups and Groupings 197

16 The Georgian Poets and the Genteel Tradition 199
Meredith Martin and Erin Kappeler

17 The New Poetry 209
John Timberman Newcomb

18 Poetry of the Great War 222
Eve C. Sorum

19 The Harlem Renaissance 234
Karen Jackson Ford

20 The Fugitives 246
Gail McDonald

21 Modernist Women Poets 256
Miranda Hickman

22 Left Poetry 267
Walter Kalaidjian

23 Objectivism 281
Stephen Cope

24 World Modernist Poetry in English 296
Omaar Hena

25 Modernism: The Next Generation 310
Susan Rosenbaum

Part III Poets 323

26 Thomas Hardy 325
Tim Armstrong

27 W. B. Yeats 335
Steven Matthews

28 Gertrude Stein 348
Susan Holbrook

29 Robert Frost 358
Robert Faggen

30 Wallace Stevens 367
Malcolm Woodland

31 Mina Loy 380
Cristanne Miller

32 William Carlos Williams 389
Christopher MacGowan

33 D. H. Lawrence 402
Holly A. Laird

34 Ezra Pound 412
Rebecca Beasley

35 H.D. 425
Helen Sword

36 Marianne Moore 438
Robin G. Schulze

37 T. S. Eliot 450
Anthony Cuda

38 Claude McKay 464
William J. Maxwell

39 Edna St. Vincent Millay 474
Melissa Bradshaw

40 Hugh MacDiarmid 484
Margery Palmer McCulloch

41 E. E. Cummings 494
Michael Webster

42 David Jones 505
Thomas Dilworth

43 Melvin Tolson 515
Kathy Lou Schultz

44 Hart Crane 526
Sunny Stalter-Pace

45 Langston Hughes 536
David E. Chinitz

46 W. H. Auden 551
Stan Smith

Conclusion: Modernist Poetry Today 563

47 Contemporary Critical Trends 565
Matthew Hofer

Index 578

“This Companionis thoroughly recommended for university libraries supporting degree programmes in English literature or American literature and public libraries seeking contemporary scholarship to augment their poetry collections.”  (Reference Reviews, 1 September 2015)