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A Companion to Terence



A Companion to Terence

Antony Augoustakis (Editor), Ariana Traill (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-30199-9 May 2013 Wiley-Blackwell 560 Pages

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A comprehensive collection of essays by leading scholars in the field that address, in a single volume, several key issues in interpreting Terence offering a detailed study of Terence’s plays and situating them in their socio-historical context, as well as documenting their reception through to present day

• The first comprehensive collection of essays on Terence in English, by leading scholars in the field
• Covers a range of topics, including both traditional and modern concerns of gender, race, and reception
• Features a wide-ranging but interconnected series of essays that offer new perspectives in interpreting Terence
• Includes an introduction discussing the life of Terence, its impact on subsequent studies of the poet, and the question of his ethnicity

Notes on Contributors viii

Acknowledgments xiii

Introduction 1
Antony Augoustakis and Ariana Traill

PART I Terence and Ancient Comedy 15

1. Terence and Greek New Comedy 17
Peter Brown

2. Terence and the Traditions of Roman New Comedy 33
George Fredric Franko

3. Terence and Non-Comic Intertexts 52
Alison Sharrock

4. Fabula Stataria: Language and Humor in Terence 69
Heather Vincent

5. Meter and Music 89
Timothy J. Moore

PART II Contexts and Themes 111

6. Terence and the Scipionic Grex 113
Daniel P. Hanchey

7. opera in bello, in otio, in negotio: Terence and Rome in the 160s bce 132
John H. Starks, Jr.

8. Religious Ritual and Family Dynamics in Terence 156
T.H.M. Gellar-Goad

9. Gender and Sexuality in Terence 175
Sharon L. James

10. Family and Household in the Comedies of Terence 195
Z.M. Packman

11. Masters and Slaves 211
Evangelos Karakasis

PART III The Plays 223

12. Andria 225
Robert Germany

13. Heauton Timorumenos 243
Eckard Lef èvre

14. Eunuchus 262
David M. Christenson

15. Phormio 281
Stavros Frangoulidis

16. Hecyra 295
Ortwin Knorr

17. Adelphoe 318
Ariana Traill

PART IV Reception 341

18. History of the Text and Scholia 343
Benjamin Victor

19. Terence in Latin Literature from the Second Century bce to the Second Century ce 363
Roman Müller

20. Terence in Late Antiquity 380
Andrew Cain

21. Hrotsvit of Gandersheim Christianizes Terence 397
Antony Augoustakis

22. ‘‘Thou shalt present me as an eunuch to him’’: Terence in Early Modern England 410
Martine van Elk

23. mulier inopia et cognatorum neglegentia coacta: Thornton Wilder’s Tragic Take on The Woman of Andros 429
Mathias Hanses

24. Terence in Translation 446
John Barsby

25. Performing Terence (and Hrotsvit) Now 466
Mary-Kay Gamel

References 482

General Index 515

Index Locorum 523

"In this Volume, the editors have aimed to offer 'a wide-ranging guide to studying Terence's plays within the historical and social-political context in which they were produced'. Their goal has been realized- but neither fully nor without problems; and, although there is a wealth of information contextualizing the playright and his work, the notion that his plays were primarily comic strips designed for live performances should have been represented more strongly in the volume." (The Journal of Roman Studies, May 2016)