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A Companion to World Philosophies

A Companion to World Philosophies

Eliot Deutsch (Editor), Ron Bontekoe (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-631-21327-7 January 1991 Wiley-Blackwell 608 Pages


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This outstanding volume offers students, teachers and general readers a complete introductory survey of the major non-western philosophical traditions.

Guide to Pronunciation.

Part I: Historical Background:.

1. Chinese Philosophy: Tu Weiming (Harvard University).

2. A History of Indian Philosophy: J. N. Mohanty (Temple University).

3. Classical Polynesian Thinking: John Charlot (University of Hawaii at Manoa).

4. A Survey of Buddhist Thought: Ninian Smart (University of California at Santa Barbara).

5. Islamic Philosophy: Tamara Albertini (University of Hawaii at Manoa).

Part II: The Chinese Tradition:.

6. Ideas of the Good in Chinese Philosophy: Shun Kwong-Loi (University of California at Berkeley).

7. The Chinese Conception of Selfhood: Roger T. Ames (University of Hawaii at Manoa).

8. Human Beings and Nature in Traditional Chinese Thought: P. J. Ivanhoe (Stanford University).

9. Causation in Chinese Thought: Carine Defoort (Catholic University of Leuven).

10. Chinese Social-Political Ideas: Henry Rosemont Jr. (St. Mary's College).

11. Reason and Principle in Chinese Philosophy: A. S. Cua (Catholic University of America).

12. The Way and the Truth: David L. Hall (University of Texas at El Paso).

13. Chinese Aesthetics: Stephen J. Goldberg (University of Hawaii at Manoa).

Part III: The Indian Tradition:.

14. Social-Political Thought in Classical India: Daya Krishna (University of Rajasthan).

15. Indian Conceptions of Reality and Divinity: Gerald James Larson (Indiana University).

16. Rationality in Indian Philosophy: Arindam Chakrabarti (University of Delhi).

17. Humankind and Nature in Indian Philosophy: John M. Koller (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute).

18. The Idea of the Good in Indian Philosophy: J. N. Mohanty (Temple University).

19. Indian Aesthetics: Edwin Gerow (Reed College).

20. The Self and Person in Indian Philosophy: Stephen H. Phillips (University of Texas at Austin).

21. Truth in Indian Philosophy: Amita Chatterjee (Jadavpur University).

Part IV: The Buddhist Tradition:.

22. Ideas of the Good in Buddhist Philosophy: P. D. Premasiri (University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka).

23. Reflections on Social and Political Ideals in Buddhist Philosophy: John Ross Carter (Colgate University).

24. Causality in Buddhist Philosophy: G. C. Pande (Universities of Rajasthan and Allahabad).

25. Humankind and Nature in Buddhism: Knute Jacobsen (University of Oslo).

26. The Buddhist Concept of Self: Thomas P. Kasulis (The Ohio State University).

27. Rationality in Buddhist Thought: David Bastow (University of Dundee).

28. Buddhist Perspectives on Ontological Truth: Matthew Kapstein (Columbia University).

Part V: The Islamic Tradition:.

29. Truth and Islamic Thought: Audrey Smirnov (University of Moscow). 30. Islamic Aesthetics: Seyyed Hossein Nasr (The George Washington University).

31. Reality and Divinity in Islamic Philosophy: Josep Puig Montada (Ciudad Universitaria, Madrid).

32. Selfhood/Personhood in Islamic Philosophy: John Walbridge (Indiana University).

33. The Concept of the Good in Islamic Philosophy: Mourad Wahba (Goethe Institute in Cairo).

34. Causality and Islamic Thought: Andrey Smirnov (University of Moscow).

35. Rationality in Islamic Philosophy: Majid F. Fakhry (American University of Beirut).

Part VI: The Contemporary Situation:.

36. Contemporary Chinese Philosophy: Roger T. Ames (University of Hawaii at Manoa).

37. Contemporary Japanese Philosophy: Shigenori Nagatomo (Temple University).

38. Contemporary Indian Philosophy: Bina Gupta (University of Missouri).

39. Contemporary Polynesian Thinking: John Charlot (University of Hawaii at Manoa).

40. Current Trends and Perspectives in African Philosophy: Segun Gbadegesin (Howard University).

41. Contemporary Buddhist Philosophy: Michiko Yusa (Western Washington University).

42. Contemporary Islamic Thought: Marietta Stepaniants (University of Moscow).


* Includes coverage of Chinese, Indian, Buddhist, Islamic, African, and Polynesian philosophical traditions.
* In addition to historical coverage, the volume includes coverage of the current trends and perspectives in non-western thought.
* Includes over 40 new articles by leading scholars.