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A Companion to the City of Rome

A Companion to the City of Rome

Claire Holleran (Editor), Amanda Claridge (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-30066-4 July 2018 Wiley-Blackwell 800 Pages

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A Companion to the City of Rome presents a series of original essays from top experts that offer an authoritative and up-to-date overview of current research on the development of the city of Rome from its origins until circa AD 600.

  • Offers a unique interdisciplinary, closely focused thematic approach and wide chronological scope making it an indispensible reference work on ancient Rome
  • Includes several new developments on areas of research that are available in English for the first time
  • Newly commissioned essays written by experts in a variety of related fields
  • Original and up-to-date readings pertaining to the city of Rome on a wide variety of topics including Rome’s urban landscape, population, economy, civic life, and key events

Notes on Contributors xi

Preface xix

Abbreviations xxi

List of Illustrations xxiii

List of Tables xxvii

List of Maps xxix

PART I Introductory 1

1 Source Material:

i Archaeological Sources 3
Maria Kneafsey

ii Written Sources 9
Richard Flower

iii The Marble Plans 13
Pier Luigi Tucci

iv The Epigraphic Record 20
Boris Rankov

v Coins 24
Andrew Burnett

2 Historical Overview: From City]state to Christian Center 29
Christopher Smith

PART II The Urban Landscape 53

3 A City of Stories 55
T.P. Wiseman

4 Defining the City: The Boundaries of Rome 71
Penelope J. Goodman

5 The Development of the City: An Archaeological Perspective

i From its Origins to the Second Century BCE 93
Amanda Claridge

ii From 100 BCE to 600 CE 115
Amanda Claridge

PART III The People 137

6 The Population 139
Elio Lo Cascio

7 Social Structure and the plebs Romana 155
David Noy

8 The Army in Imperial Rome 173
Jon Coulston

PART IV The Urban Infrastructure 197

9 Rivers, Roads, and Ports 199
Candace M. Rice

10 Feeding Rome: The Grain Supply 219
Giovanni Geraci (translated Claire Holleran)

11 Water Supply and Sewers 247
Harry B. Evans

12 Streets and Street Life 263
J. Bert Lott

13 Urban Administration in Rome 279
John R. Patterson

PART V Living in Rome 297

14 Housing:

i The Development and Role of the Roman Aristocratic Domus 299
Hannah Platts

ii Insulae 317
Janet DeLaine

15 The Imperial Thermae 325
Janet DeLaine

16 Libraries and Literary Culture in Rome 343
Matthew Nicholls

PART VI Dying in Rome 363

17 Hazards of Life in Ancient Rome: Floods, Fires, Famines, Footpads, Filth, and Fevers 365
Gregory S. Aldrete

18 Funerary Practice in the City of Rome 383
Valerie M. Hope

19 Roman Cemeteries and Tombs 403
Barbara E. Borg

PART VII The Urban Economy 425

20 The Labor Market 427
Laurens E. Tacoma

21 Production in Rome 443
Dennis Kehoe

22 The Retail Trade 459
Claire Holleran

23 The Construction Industry 473
Janet DeLaine

PART VIII Civic Life 491

24 Temples, Colleges, and Priesthoods 493
Jörg Rüpke

25 Entertainment 511
David Potter

26 Law and Lawcourts 527
Leanne Bablitz

27 The Roman Church 541
John Curran

28 Political Space 559
Elizabeth H. Pearson

PART IX The Roman Triumph 581

29 The Triumphal Procession 583
Geoffrey S. Sumi

30 Urban Commemoration: The Pompa Triumphalis in Rome 599
Diane Favro

PART X Receptions of Rome 619

31 Written Rome: Ancient Literary Responses 621
Diana Spencer

32 The Renaissance: The “Discovery” of Ancient Rome 643
Brian A. Curran

33 Napoleonic Rome and “Roma Capitale” 673
Pier Luigi Tucci

34 Mussolini and Rome 683
Borden Painter

35 The City of Ancient Rome on Screen 699
Monica S. Cyrino

Index 715

Topographical Index 731

Source Index 739