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A Course in Digital Signal Processing

A Course in Digital Signal Processing

Boaz Porat

ISBN: 978-0-471-14961-3

Oct 1996

632 pages

Select type: Paperback

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A comprehensive, practical and up-to-date exposition on digital signal processing. Both mathematical and useful, this book uses a rigorous approach to help readers learn the theory and practice of DSP. It discusses practical spectral analysis, including the use of windows for spectral analysis, sinusoidal signal analysis, and the effect of noise. It also covers FIR and IIR filters, including detailed design procedures and MATLAB tools.

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Review of Frequency-Domain Analysis.

Sampling and Reconstruction.

The Discrete Fourier Transform.

The Fast Fourier Transform.

Practical Spectral Analysis.

Review of z-Transforms and Difference Equations.

Introduction to Digital Filters.

Finite Impulse Response Filters.

Infinite Impulse Response Filters.

Digital Filter Realization and Implementation.

Multirate Signal Processing.

Analysis and Modeling of Random Signals.

Digital Signal Processing Applications.