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A Critical Bibliography of Twentieth-Century English Literature Studies 1954-1994, 4-Volume Set

A Critical Bibliography of Twentieth-Century English Literature Studies 1954-1994, 4-Volume Set

The English Association

ISBN: 978-0-631-20940-9 April 1998 Wiley-Blackwell 2336 Pages


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The long-established and highly respected narrative bibliography The Year's Work in English Studies represents a rich resource for scholars in all fields of English and literary study. Each of the seventy-five existing volumes (appearing annually from 1919 to the present) offers a unique and comprehensive account of the best work in a particular field of study for a given year.

Now Blackwell Publishers present special editions of these important documents, the English Association Critical Bibliographies. The value of the special editions lies in the re-formatting and collation of the vast amount of data currently available in the 75 annual volumes. The material has been collated into topic-based volumes dealing with a specific period, subject or major author as documented over a number of years. Where formerly all references to American Literature, for instance, would have to have been researched from a collection spanning three-quarters of a century, everything published in this area can now be accessed directly in the special edition boxed set, saving valuable time and research resources. The result is a reference series that provides specialists in a specific literary field with a tailor-made account of his or her area of study.

The English Association Critical Bibliographies also make an important contribution to our cultural history. The volumes offer a unique insight into the way the study and teaching of literature over the century has been institutionalized, transformed and by whom. In the current climate of cultural dispute, scholars are given a chance in these volumes to address the question as to how and why literary study has evolved as it has.

The English Association's bibliographical coverage of twentieth-century English Literature Studies as we know it began in 1954, with a general survey (of fourteen double-column pages) by Marjorie Thompson. She provides interesting coverage of books concerning Katherine Mansfield, Virginia Woolf, James Joyce, W. B. Yeats, and Dylan Thomas, among others. The series continues down to 1994, concluding with more than 60 pages of reviews by a team of scholars writing on fiction, poetry, and drama.


List of Journals, Series and Reference Works.

List of Publications.

A Critical Bibliography of Twentieth-Century Literature Studies.

* A superb reference series tailor-made for specific areas of study.

* Derived from a respected and long-established Association at the heart of English Studies.

* Provides an important historical account of the development of each area of study throughout the latter half of this century.

* Documents the transformation of the study and teaching of literature as part of our cultural history.