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A Feminist Perspective on Renaissance Drama



A Feminist Perspective on Renaissance Drama

Alison Findlay

ISBN: 978-0-631-20509-8 January 1999 Wiley-Blackwell 214 Pages


We know that women made up a significant part of Renaissance theatre audiences but how might they have read the plays presented there?


1.'Heavenly matters of theology'.

2. Revenge Tragedy.

3. 'I please my self': Female Self-fashioning.

4. Household Tragedies.

5. Queens and Subjects.


"In this valuable book Alison Findlay attempts to develop historically grounded feminist responses to a wide variety of Renaissance plays . . . Findlay writes with admirable clarity and concision, offering interpretations that are informed but never obscured by contemporary - especially Lacanian - critical theory. This is a good book, worth reading and debating." Early Modern Literary Studies.

"All the essays are new, and together they illuminate a wide range of issues across a reasonable spread of plays. The book offers a range of thoughtful and stimulating approaches to gender on the Renaissance stage." The Yearbook of English Studies

* Examines issues of gender roles, cross-dressing and sexual identity raised by the exclusion of women from the public stage in the Renaissance period.
* Chapters are arranged thematically on key issues or genres.
* Offers the first introductory survey of its kind.