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A French Grammar Workbook

Dulcie Engel, George Evans, Valerie Howells

ISBN: 978-0-631-20746-7 November 1998 Wiley-Blackwell 232 Pages


Developing on the success of Byrne and Churchill's Comprehensive French Grammar , revised and rewritten by Glanville Price, this book is designed to be used either as a companion volume to the reference grammar or independently
Preface and acknowledgements.

Part I: Introduction: .

1. Phonetic Transription (1-3).

2. Use of Capital letters.

3. Syllabic Division and Pronunciation.

Hyphens, Accents, the Cedilla.

5. Elision.

Part II: Basic Concepts and Technical Terms:.

6. Parts of Speech.

7. Phrases and Clauses.

8. Simple, Compound and Complex Sentences and their Functions.

Part III: Articles: .

9. The Definite Article.

10. Different uses of the Article in French and English.

11. Geographical Nmaes.

The Indefinite.

13. The Partitive Article.

14. De after Expressions of Quantity, Certain Verbs, Adjectives and Prepositions.

Part IV: Gender:.

15. Gender and Sex.

16. Gender By Category.

17. Place Names.

18. Gender by Ending.

19. Gender of Compound Nouns.

20. Same Form, Different Gender, Different Meaning.

21. Review.

Part V: Nouns and Adjectives: Feminine and Plural: .

22. The Feminine of Adjectives and the Plurals of Nouns + Adjectives.

23. Agreement of Adjectives.

24. Position of Adjectives.

Part VI: Adjectives and Adverbs: .

25. Adverbial Forms.

26. The Comparative and Superlative of Adjectives and Adverbs.

Part VII: Number:.

27. Numerals, Fractions, Decimals.

Part VIII: Pronouns and Pronominal Determiners: Personal Pronouns: .

28. Introduction.

29. Conjunctive Personal Pronouns.

30. The Position of Conjunctive Personal Pronouns.

31. Disjunctive Personal Pronouns.

32. Possessive Determinanats.

Possessive Pronouns.

34. Demonstrative Determinants and Pronouns.

35. The Neuter Demonstrative Pronouns.

36. The Simple Demonstrative Pronoun.

37. C'est and Il est.

38. Relative Pronouns.

39. Interrogative Determinants and Pronouns.

40. Indefinite Adjectives, Adverbs, Determinants and Pronouns.


42. N'importe qui, etc; on.

43. Pareil, tel, quelconque.

44. Quelque, quelques, quel que.

45. Quelque chose, quelqu'un, quiconque, qui... qui, qui que ce soit.

46. Tout, etc.

47. Quantifiers.

Part VIII: Verbs:.

48. Verbal Morphology.

49. The Passive.

50. Negative and Interrogative Constructions.

51. Person and Number.


52. Present Tense.

53. Past Tenses: Imperfect, Preterite, Perfect.

54. Pluperfect, Past Anterior and Double Compound Tenses.

55. Depuis, il y a, voici, voilà...que.

56. Future Tenses.

57. The Conditional and Conditional Clauses.

58. Infinitives.

59. The Present Participle.

60. The Past Participle.


61. The Subjunctive.

62. May, Might, Must, Ought, Should, Would.

63. The Imperative.

64. The Complement of Verbs.

65. Idioms with avoir, etre, faire.

Part IX: Sentence Structure and Word Order.

66. Position of Adverbs.

67. Negation.

68. Interrogatives.

69. Inversion. 70. Dislocation, fronting, Emphasis.

Part X: Prepositions:.

71. Prepositions.

72. Government of Verbs by Prepositins.

73. Meaning and Use of Prepositions.

74. Prepositions Used with Adjectives and Past Participles.

Part XI: Conjunctions.

75. Identification and use.

Part XII: Appendix: .

76. Age.

77. Time of Day, Days of the Week, Months.

78. Duration and Periods of Time.

79. Price.

80. Dimensions.

81. Speed and Fuel Consumption.


* Builds on the success of Byrne and Churchill's A Comprehensive French Grammar , revised and rewritten by Glanville Price - now in its fourth edition and still a bestseller.
* Written in a clear and lively style suitable for students.
* Designed to be used for teaching in class, to set homework, for revision and for refresher study.
* Can be used alongside the Grammar or independently.