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A Guide to Online Course Design: Strategies for Student Success



A Guide to Online Course Design: Strategies for Student Success

Tina Stavredes, Tiffany Herder

ISBN: 978-1-118-79138-7 December 2013 Jossey-Bass 224 Pages


A Guide to Online Course Design offers faculty and professional staff a practical and easy-to-follow model for creating exceptional online courses that focuses on quality standards in instructional design, transparency in learning outcomes, and learner persistence. A comprehensive resource, the book includes effective, research-based instructional strategies to motivate online learners and help them become more self-directed. A Guide to Online Course Design emphasizes quality standards and removing barriers to learners’ persistence, which ensures online courses meet the needs of online learners as well as distance education initiatives.

“All faculty members and course designers, regardless of experience level, content background, or technology skills, can benefit from applying the approaches defined in this book. The authors have imparted a wealth of knowledge that can improve the quality of any online class and I highly recommend this book for all those involved with online learning.”
Anton G. Camarota, faculty, University of Denver

“Anyone involved in developing online courses should read this book! Packed with great insights and the research to back them up, Stavredes and Herder guide readers with practical information that will support online course development.”
Brenda Boyd, director of professional development and consulting, Quality Matters Program

“The blend of theory and application makes A Guide to Online Course Design and indispensable resource for any professional seeking to create high quality, outcomes-based learning experiences. I loved the action steps that close each chapter, as they lead the reader through the entire process of course design from analysis to implementation.”
Kathe Kacheroski, dean of curriculum and instruction, Rasmussen College

Exhibits and Figures ix

Preface xi

About the Authors xvii

PART 1 An Introduction to Persistence and Quality Design 1

1 Quality Design to Support Learner Persistence 3

2 The Instructional Design Process 13

PART 2 Analysis of Learners and Learning Outcomes 21

3 Analysis of Online Learner Characteristics and Needs 23

4 Analysis of Learning Outcomes and Competencies 33

PART 3 Design of Course Assessments and Sequence 51

5 Design of Course Assessments 53

6 Sequence of Instruction 69

PART 4 Design of Instructional Strategies 77

7 Foundations of Transformative Learning 79

8 Selection of Instructional Materials 91

9 Design of Effective Course Activities 115

PART 5 Development of Instruction 137

10 Development of Instructional Materials 139

11 Organizing the Course Environment 161

PART 6 Implementation and Evaluation 171

12 Course Evaluations and Maintenance 173

Final Remarks 187

References 189

Index 195