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A Handbook of International Peacebuilding: Into The Eye Of The Storm

A Handbook of International Peacebuilding: Into The Eye Of The Storm

John Paul Lederach (Editor), Janice Moomaw Jenner (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-787-95879-4 October 2002 Jossey-Bass 352 Pages


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This much-needed handbook offers conflict resolution professionals working (or planning to work) in foreign countries a critical, step-by-step guide for dealing with difficult and potentially dangerous disputes in other nations. The editors, John Paul Lederach and Janice Moomaw Jenner, have gathered a stellar panel of seasoned experts who illustrate how to approach international peacebuilding with effective actions and approaches gained through experience that will contribute ultimately to a more positive outcome. Based on the experience of the contributors-- work as global peace brokers, the book includes a wide array of guidelines, pragmatic approaches, and models of constructive, culturally appropriate ways to respond to conflict.

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Introduction: I Just Got a Call (John Paul Lederach).

Part I: The Invitation: Get a Sense of the Big Picture.

1. Who Is Calling? (Sue K. Williams).

2. What Do They Want Me to Do? (Susan Collin Marks and John Marks).

3. Who Else Is Working There? (Louise Diamond).

4. Where Do I Fit In? (John Paul Lederach).

Part II: The Context: The Geography of Protracted Conflict.

5. How Much Do I Need to Know? (Christopher Mitchell).

6. How Do I Get Good Information in a Short Time? (Heidi Burgess and Guy Burgess).

7. What Do I Need to Know About Culture? A Researcher Says . . . (Kevin Avruch).

8. What Do I Need to Know About Culture? Practitioners Suggest . . . (Peter Woodrow and Christopher Moore).

9. What Do I Need to Know About Religion and Conflict? (Marc Gopin).

10. Is It Safe? Lessons from the Humanitarian Aid Community (Larissa A. Fast).

11. Is It Safe? Practitioner Advice (Janice Moomaw Jenner and Dekha Ibrahim Abdi).

Part III: So Are You Coming to Help Us? Advice from the Ground.

12. A View from Northern Ireland (Mari Fitzduff).

13. A View from the Balkans (Katarina Kruhonja).

14. A View from the Middle East (Zoughbi Elias Zoughbi).

15. A View from West Africa (Sam Gbaydee Doe and Emmanuel Habuka Bombande).

Part IV: Intervention Matters: From Money to Ethics.

16. Who Pays? Money Matters from a Practitioner's Perspective (Bernard Mayer).

17. Providing Resources for Peace: Money Matters from a Funder's Perspective (John Tirman).

18. To Whom Am I Accountable? (Howard Zehr and Clement M. Aapengnuo).

19. Is This the Right Thing to Do? A Practical Framework for Ethical Decisions (Wallace Warfield).

20. Can My Good Intentions Make Things Worse? Lessons for Peacebuilding from the Field of International Humanitarian Aid (Mary B. Anderson).

21. How Can I Evaluate My Work? (Harry Mika).

Part V: The Decision.

22. Do I Go? (Ronald S. Kraybill).

23. How Long Will It Take? (John Paul Lederach).

24. How Will I Sustain Myself? (Amy C. Potter, with Ronald S. Kraybill, Louise Diamond, and Joe Campbell).

Part VI: Good Advice from Gray Hair Hard Won.

25. Embody Peace (Hizkias Assefa).

26. Commit to People, and Commit to Time (Harold H. Saunders).

27. Practice Love and Sustain Hope (Elise Boulding).

28. The Simplicity of Peacebuilding: An Interview with Adam Curle (John Paul Lederach, Muzna Al-Masri, and Rita Ann Litwiller).

Part VII: Conclusions and Summary.

29. So What Have We Learned? (John Paul Lederach and Janice Moomaw Jenner).


About the Editors.

"This is precisely the kind of work that is relevant in these troubled times." (Dispute Resolution Journal, May/July 2003)

"...collects the wisdom of practitioners and scholars from all over the world." (The Texas Mediator, Summer 2003)