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A Hedge Fund Tale of Reach and Grasp: Or What's a Heaven For

A Hedge Fund Tale of Reach and Grasp: Or What's a Heaven For

Barton Biggs

ISBN: 978-0-470-60454-0

Dec 2010

319 pages

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Financial legend Barton Biggs' fictional account of the hedge world and the broader workings of Wall Street

Barton Biggs' latest book is an inspirational rags to riches story of drive and financial talent. Told through the eyes of a fictional insider, this engaging story provides a detailed look at the hedge fund business in the late 1990s and through the first decade of the twenty-first century.

A Tale From the Hedge Fund World chronicles the life of a poor boy who ends up amassing more wealth than he ever thought possible. From studying Wall Street charts while sitting on the sidelines of football practice to realizing how so much money can be made in a short period of time, this book provides a bird's eye view of the inner workings of Wall Street and what it takes to make it there.

  • Puts the word of hedge funds in perspective and reveals the competitive and lucrative nature of this field
  • Other titles by Biggs: Hedgehogging and Wealth, War & Wisdom
  • Also describes the bursting of the mortgage bubble and the great financial crisis that followed

No one knows more about the hedge fund world of the past twenty years than Barton Biggs. His new fable offers an entertaining look at this field and those who aspire to excel within it.

Introduction 1

Chapter 1: Big Neck, Virginia 5

Chapter 2: Arizona Union 17

Chapter 3: New York and the Firm 33

Chapter 4: Onward and Upward 51

Chapter 5: Crisis and Confrontation 67

Chapter 6: Moving On 91

Chapter 7: Bridgestone 107

Chapter 8: Revenge of the Geeks 123

Chapter 9: Life Its Own Self 143

Chapter 10: The Halcyon Years 159

Chapter 11: Dinner at the Perots 181

Chapter 12: Big Decisions 193

Chapter 13: The Years of Milk and Honey 209

Chapter 14: The High Probability of the Improbable 223

Chapter 15: 2008: Annus Horribilis 247

Chapter 16: The Age of Malevolence 279

Chapter 17: The End of the Affair 297

Epilogue 313

About the Author 319