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A Hegel Dictionary

A Hegel Dictionary

Michael Inwood

ISBN: 978-0-631-17533-9 November 1992 Wiley-Blackwell 356 Pages


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This book provides a comprehensive survey of Hegel's philosophical thought via a systematic exploration of over 100 key terms, from `absolute' to `will'. By exploring both the etymological background of such terms and Hegel's particular use of them, Michael Inwood clarifies for the modern reader much that has been regarded as difficult and obscure in Hegel's work.

Notes on the Use of the Dictionary.

Hegel and his Language.

Introducing Hegel.

Dictionary Entries A-Z.


Index of foreign-language terms.

General index.

"One of the best reference books about a philosopher, highly recommended." Choice

<!--end-->"Invaluable. This book achieves what the Blackwell Philosopher Dictionary series sets out to do. It presents difficult ideas with scholarship and clarity." The Philosopher

'An exceptionally clear yet rigorous and scholarly presentation of difficult ideas. This will be an indispensible guide for students of Hegel at all levels.' Raymond Plant, University of Southampton

  • English translations of Hegel's main concepts are given in alphabetical order from 'absolute' to 'will'
  • An index of German words and an index of names gives access to any given topic
  • Etymology of Hegel's vocabulary is given
  • Sheds important new light on Hegel's thought.