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A History of Economic Thought: From Aristotle to Arrow

A History of Economic Thought: From Aristotle to Arrow

Charles Earl Staley

ISBN: 978-1-557-86031-6

Jan 1991, Wiley-Blackwell

280 pages

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A History of Economic Thought is a text for undergraduate history of economic thought courses. It covers the major writers and schools of thought; in doing so, it reveals not only ideas, but relevant stories of the lives of the great economic thinkers.
1. Introduction.

2. The Scholastics and the Mercantilists.

3. One Foot in the Mercantilist World and One in the Classical.

4. The Physiocrats.

5. Adam Smith.

6. Thomas R. Malthus.

7. David Ricardo, Classical Monetary Theory, and Say's Law.

8. David Ricardo's Principles of Political Economy.

9. Classical Economics From Ricardo to Mill's Principles.

10. John Stuart Mill.

11. Marx and Engels.

12. Precursors of the Marginal Revolution.

13. Carl Menger and the Austrian School.

14. William Stanley Jevons and the Marginal Revolution.

15. Leon Walras.

16. Alfred Marshall.

17. American Economics: Benjamin Franklin to Irving Fisher.

18. The Monopolistic Competition Revolution.

19. John Maynard Keynes.

20. Modern Times: Macroeconomics.

21. Modern Times: Econometrics and Microeconomics

"Staley's goal is above all to show the student that economic thought has a fascinating history, and he has succeeded well." The Economic Journal

"One of the best undergraduate textbooks on the history of economics to have appeared in the last few years." Mark Blaug, University of London

* The book provides especially detailed coverage of economic thought before 1900, designed to put new developments in economic theory in perspective