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A History of Modern Britain: 1714 to the Present, 2nd Edition



A History of Modern Britain: 1714 to the Present, 2nd Edition

Ellis Wasson

ISBN: 978-1-118-86901-7 January 2016 Wiley-Blackwell 464 Pages


Now available in a fully-revised and updated second edition, A History of Modern Britain: 1714 to the Present provides a comprehensive survey of the social, political, economic and cultural history of Great Britain from the Hanoverian succession to the present day.
  • Places Britain in a global context, charting the rise and fall of the British empire and the influence of imperialism on the social, economic, and political developments of the home country
  • Includes revised sections on imperialism and the industrial revolution that have been updated to reflect recent scholarship, a more reflective view on New Labour since its demise, and  an all new section on the performance of the Conservative – Lib/Dem coalition that came into office in 2010
  • Features illustrations, maps, an up-to-date bibliography, a full list of Prime Ministers, a genealogy of the royal family, and a comprehensive glossary explaining uniquely British terms, acronyms, and famous figures
  • Spans topics as diverse as the slave trade, the novels of Charles Dickens, the Irish Potato Famine, the legalization of homosexuality, coalmines in South Wales, Antarctic exploration, and the invention of the computer
  • Includes extensive reference to historiography
List of Figures ix

List of Tables xiii

List of Maps xiv

List of Biographies xv

Preface xvi

Acknowledgments xxii

Part I Uniting the Kingdoms 1

Chapter 1: The British Isles in 1714 3

Chapter 2: A New Beginning, 1714–62 41

Chapter 3:War and Revolution, 1763–1814 71

Part II The British Century 99

Chapter 4: A United Kingdom, 1815 101

Chapter 5: Reform, 1816–41 138

Chapter 6: Imperial Britain, 1842–84 167

Chapter 7: New Century, 1885–1913 201

Part III Dividing the Kingdoms 233

Chapter 8: The United Kingdom, 1914 235

Chapter 9:War and Peace andWar, 1915–39 264

Chapter 10: TheWarfare andWelfare State, 1940–79 297

Chapter 11: “New” Britain, 1980–2014 333

The Transformation of Britain 1688–1713 000

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Notes 365

Chronology 390

Glossary 395

Bibliography 403

List of Prime Ministers 412

Genealogy of the Royal Family 415

Index 417