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A History of Religion in Britain: Practice and Belief from Pre-Roman Times to the Present

A History of Religion in Britain: Practice and Belief from Pre-Roman Times to the Present

Sheridan Gilley (Editor), W. J. Sheils (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-631-19378-4 September 1994 Wiley-Blackwell 608 Pages


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This book is the first one volume history of religious belief and practice in England, Wales and Scotland. It covers the period from Roman times to the present and has been written by twenty-three scholars, all writing accessibly for a wide readership.
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Notes on Contributors.


Introduction: Sheridan Gilley and W. J. Sheils.

Part I: Conversion and Christianity:.

1. Religion in Roman Britain: Martin Henig (University of Oxford).

2. Religion in Anglo-Saxon England: Gerald Bonner (University of Durham).

3. From the Conquest to the Black Death: Rosalind Hill (University of London).

4. Piety in the Later Middle Ages: Norman Tanner (University of Oxford).

5. Medieval Wales and the Reformation: Glanmor Williams (University of Swansea).

6. Religious Life in Medieval Scotland: Michael Lynch (University of Edinburgh).

Part II: Reform, Revival and Enlightenment:.

7. The Church in Scotland from the Reformation to Disruption: James K. Cameron.

8. Reformed Religion in England: W. J. Sheils (University of York).

9. Anglicanism in Stuart and Hanoverian England: Ian Green (University of Belfast).

10. Radical Sects and Dissenting Churches,1600-1750: Michael Mullet (University of Lancaster).

11. Rational Religion in England from Herbert of Cherbury to William Paley: David Pailin (University of Manchester).

12. Catholicism in England from the Reformation to the Relief Acts: W. J. Sheils (University of York).

13. Evangelical Revival in Eighteenth-Century Britain: W. R. Ward (University of Durham).

Part III: Industrialization, Empire and Identity: .

14. Church and State since 1800: Edward Norman (Christchurch College, Canterbury).

15. The Church of England in the Nineteenth Century: Sheridan Gilley (University of Durham).

16. Religious Life in Industrial Britain, 1830-1914: David Hempton (University of Belfast).

17. Hebrews Hellenized?: English Evangelical Nonconformity and Culture, 1840-1940: Clyde Binfield (University of Sheffield).

18. The Roman Catholic Church in England, 1780-1940: Sheridan Gilley (University of Durham).

19. Religion and Community in Scotland and Wales since 1800: Keith Robbins (University of Lancaster).

20. British Religion and the Wider World, Mission and Empire: Peter C. Williams (University of Bristol).

21. Secularists and Nationalists: Edward Royle (University of York).

Part IV: The Twentieth Century: .

22. The Jewish Community in Britain: Jonathan Campbell, University of Lampeter).

23. Religious Life Between the Wars: Stuart Mews (University of Lancaster).

24. The Christian Churches in England since the War: Ecumenism and Social Concern: Alan Suggate (University of Durham).

25. Religious Pluralism in Modern Britain: Paul Badham (University of Lampeter).

26. Secularization and the Future: Alan Gilbert (University of Sydney).


Selected Further Reading.


"The syllabus requirements for religious education in schools, and the appetites of TV programme-makers, are increasingly emphasising the place of religion as part of the general cultural inheritance. This is a book which will be a valued resource for their interests. But it is also a collection from which Christians themselves will derive insights into a religion which is inherently historical. This collection is impressive in the quality of the essays. There are some really outstanding contributions to interpretation here." Church Times

"With suggestions for further reading and a chronology which itself runs to ten pages, this is as complete a single-volume history of the subject as one would wish to have. One ends the book wishing to applaud, and not merely because the Editors' aims have been brilliantly achieved." Chesterton Review

"It provides a very welcome series of scholarly insights which will be of substantial value to the church historian." EHR

* This is the first one volume history of religion in Britain.
* Accessibly written by leading scholars.
* Covers, England, Wales, Scotland and the British Empire.
* Covers all Christian denominations, pre-Christian paganism, pagan revivals and the multiplicity of beliefs in twentieth century Britain.