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A History of Vascular Surgery, 2nd Edition



A History of Vascular Surgery, 2nd Edition

Steven G. Friedman MD

ISBN: 978-1-405-17129-8 April 2008 Wiley-Blackwell 240 Pages


Since the publication of the first edition 15 years ago, vascular surgery has been transformed into a new specialty incorporating endovascular surgery and techniques. These innovations are detailed in this much anticipated second edition.

Like the first edition, this new edition of A History of Vascular Surgery paints engaging portraits of the surgeons and scientists whose ideas and practices underlie, and continue to influence, vascular surgery as we know it today. Written for the practitioner and student alike, the second edition provides an in-depth, accessible history of this rapidly changing field.

Foreword to first edition vii

Foreword ix

Preface xiv

Part 1 Origins

1 Vascular surgeons of antiquity 3

2 Early vascular repairs and anastomoses 14

Part 2 The British are coming

3 William Hunter 31

4 John Hunter 35

5 Astley Cooper 41

Part 3 Divisions of vascular surgery

6 Development of the venous autograft 53

7 Evolution of aortic surgery 74

8 Operation on the carotid artery 89

Part 4 Yankee ingenuity

9 Valentine Mott 107

10 Rudolph Matas 112

11 The arterial prosthesis: Arthur Voorhees 119

Part 5 More divisions

12 Contributions from the battlefield 131

13 Venous surgery 147

14 Extra-anatomic bypass 161

Part 6 The French connection

15 Mathieu Jaboulay 171

16 Eugène Villard 173

17 Alexis Carrel 175

18 René Leriche 184

19 Jean Kunlin 188

20 Charles Dubost 192

21 Jacques Oudot 197

Part 7 Endovascular surgery

22 Charles Dotter: interventional radiologist 203

23 Thomas Fogarty 214

24 Juan Parodi 220

Index 224

An in-depth, accessible history of this rapidly changing field

  • Engaging accounts of the individuals who shaped the field of vascular surgery
  • Coverage of the latest developments, including endovascular procedures
  • New chapters on the early history of vascular surgery