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A History of the Modern British Isles, 1529-1603: The Two Kingdoms

A History of the Modern British Isles, 1529-1603: The Two Kingdoms

Mark Nicholls

ISBN: 978-0-631-19334-0 January 1999 Wiley-Blackwell 416 Pages


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This volume examines the development of two sovereign nations over seventy-four momentous years.
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A Note on Conventions.


1. Sixteenth-century England.

2. Divorce, Schism and Statute: England 1529-36.

3. Pilgrimage, Dissolution and Reform: England 1536-40.

4. The Last Years of Henry VIII: England 1540-47.

5. Pre-Reformation Scotland, 1528-57.

6. The Reformation and the Reign of Queen Mary: Scotland 1557-67.

7. Protector Somerset: England 1547-49.

8. The Dudley Supremacy and the Reign of Jane Grey: England 1549-53.

9. Queen Mary's Regime: England 1553-58.

10. The Third Kingdom: Ireland, and Beyond, 1529-60.

11. The Elizabethan Settlement: England 1558-63.

12. Unelizabethan England: England 1560-72.

13. The Elizabethan State: England in the 1570s and Beyond.

14. England's Empire: Ireland, and Beyond, 1560-1603.

15. The Loss of Peace: England 1580-89.

16. A Nation at War: England in the 1590s.

17. The Jacobean Minority: Scotland 1568-85.

18. The Personal Rule of James VI: Scotland 1585-1603.

19. The Elizabethan Dusk: England 1599-1603.

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"Dr Nicholls has proved to be a resourceful choice ... he delivers an accurate, sensitive and engaging account, never allowing the reader to be lost in the quagmires of scholarly debate." History<!--end-->

"The book is fluently written and well produced." English Historical Review

"An impressive achievement ... well written: lucid, concise and stylistically unpretentious." Irish Historical Studies

  • A lively reassessment of England and Scotland under the Tudors and Stuarts
  • Examines the relationship with Ireland throughout the sixteenth-century
  • Covers politics and religion as well as economic, social and cultural change.