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A History of the Theory of Investments: My Annotated Bibliography

A History of the Theory of Investments: My Annotated Bibliography

Mark Rubinstein

ISBN: 978-1-118-16109-8 September 2011 384 Pages




""This exceptional book provides valuable insights into the evolution of financial economics from the perspective of a major player.""
-- Robert Litzenberger, Hopkinson Professor Emeritus of Investment Banking, Univ. of Pennsylvania; and retired partner, Goldman Sachs

A History of the Theory of Investments is about ideas -- where they come from, how they evolve, and why they are instrumental in preparing the future for new ideas. Author Mark Rubinstein writes history by rewriting history. In unearthing long-forgotten books and journals, he corrects past oversights to assign credit where credit is due and assembles a remarkable history that is unquestionable in its accuracy and unprecedented in its power.

Exploring key turning points in the development of investment theory, through the critical prism of award-winning investment theory and asset pricing expert Mark Rubinstein, this groundbreaking resource follows the chronological development of investment theory over centuries, exploring the inner workings of great theoretical breakthroughs while pointing out contributions made by often unsung contributors to some of investment's most influential ideas and models.

Preface ix



THE MODERN PERIOD: Post-1980 309

Notes 349

Index of Ideas 359

Index of Sources 365