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A New Kind of Christian: A Tale of Two Friends on a Spiritual Journey

A New Kind of Christian: A Tale of Two Friends on a Spiritual Journey

Brian D. McLaren

ISBN: 978-0-470-89347-0

Jun 2010, Jossey-Bass

320 pages



A Leadership Network Publication

A New Kind of Christian's conversation between a pastor and his daughter's high school science teacher reveals that wisdom for life's most pressing spiritual questions can come from the most unlikely sources. This stirring fable captures a new spirit of Christianity--where personal, daily interaction with God is more important than institutional church structures, where faith is more about a way of life than a system of belief, where being authentically good is more important than being doctrinally ""right,"" and where one's direction is more important than one's present location. Brian McLaren's delightful account offers a wise and wondrous approach for revitalizing Christian spiritual life and Christian congregations.

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Preface to the Paperback Edition vii

Acknowledgments xi

Introduction: The True Story Behind This Story xiii

1. Sometime the Peacock Wish to Be the Seagull 1

2. Entering That Awkward Age, or Does Jonah Eat Bagels? 16

3. Dan Discovers Where the Cross Meets the Dream Catcher 31

4. What a Difference a Worldview Makes 41

5. Neo Worries About Keeping Up with Jesus 57

6. Hot Words About Biblical Interpretation 66

7. Letting the Bible Read Us 77

8. Yeah, But What About the Other Guys? 86

9. Redeeming Our Culture over Dinner 97

10. C. S. Lewis in the Pulpit, or What Is Heaven About Anyway? 117

11. Getting Beyond Righteousness 134

12. French Fries and the Kingdom of God 147

13. Spiritual Practices: Secret and Shared 157

14. It’s None of Your Business Who Goes to Hell 177

15. Beginning the Journey into Terra Nova 193

16. Notes on Church Leadership from One Certified Nobody to Another 205

Afterword 237

Notes 239

About Leadership Network 245

Leadership Network Titles 247

The Author 251

A Reader's Guide for A New Kind of Christian by Timothy Keel 255

This is a milestone in interfaith relations -- a warm hand reaching out to other men and women in this Abrahamic family of faiths. (