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A Practical Guide to Clinical Bacteriology

A Practical Guide to Clinical Bacteriology


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Combines a succinct style with an easy-to-use format to provide readers with a clear understanding regarding the principles and practice of bacteriology. Includes accessible information on bacteria as agents of human disease.
Partial table of contents:

Classification of Bacteria.

Ecology and Spread of Bacteria.

Pathogenesis of Bacterial Infections.

Laboratory Diagnosis of Bacterial Infections.

Antimicrobial Agents.

Sterilisation and Disinfection.

Immunisation Against Bacterial Infections.

Clinical Syndromes.

The Stapylococci.

Bacillus Species.


The Clostridia.

Treponema Species.

Borrelia Species.


Brucella Species.

Franciscella, Yersinia and Pasteurella Species.

Coliforms, Pseudomonads and Allied Organisms.

Salmonella Species.

Shigella Species.


Helicobacter Pylori.

Bacteroides Species.

The Mycobacteria.

The Mycoplasmas.

The Chlamydiae.

The Rickettsiae.