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A Respectable Army: The Military Origins of the Republic, 1763-1789, 3rd Edition



A Respectable Army: The Military Origins of the Republic, 1763-1789, 3rd Edition

James Kirby Martin, Mark Edward Lender

ISBN: 978-1-118-92390-0 April 2015 Wiley-Blackwell 264 Pages


A fully revised and updated third edition of the most established and innovative historical analysis of the Continental Army and its role in the formation of the new republic.

  • Written by two experts in the field of early U.S. history
  • Includes fully updated coverage of the military, political, social, and cultural history of the Revolution
  • Features maps, illustrations, a Note on Revolutionary War History and Historiography, and a fully revamped Bibliographical Essay
  • Fully established as an essential resource for courses ranging from A.P. U.S. history to graduate seminars on the American Revolution

List of illustrations ix

Preface x

1 Of Lexington and Concord, and the Myths of the War, 1763–1775 1

Lexington and Concord 1

Of Standing Armies (Power) and Militia (Liberty) 5

Ideological Transmission 9

The Provincial Militia Tradition 14

The Tyranny of Standing Armies 19

Notes 27

2 The Republican War, 1775–1776 29

A Republican Order as the Goal 29

Regulars Versus Republicans: The British at Bay 33

The Adoption of a Continental Army 39

The British Military Counterthrust 47

The New York Campaign 52

Success and Failure 61

Notes 64

3 Toward an American Standing Army, 1776–1777 66

The Nature of the Continental Army 66

A New Model Rebel Army 70

William Howe’s Campaign of 1777 78

The Saratoga Campaign 83

The American Search for Manpower 87

The Old Myth and the New Soldiery 97

Notes 99

4 On and Off the Road of Despair, 1777–1779 102

Valley Forge 102

Mounting Anger in the Officer Corps 106

Tables Turned: New Life for the Cause 113

The British Dispersal of 1778 120

Growing Internal Division: Army and Society 127

Notes 136

5 Moral Defeat and Military Turnabout, 1779–1781 139

Dispersed Warfare 139

Patriot Naval Exploits 146

Financial Morass on the Home Front 151

The War in the Southern States 157

Treason, Pensions, and Mutinies 164

Sudden Turnabout: The Road to Yorktown 171

Notes 176

6 Of War, National Legitimacy, and the Republican Order, 1781–1789 179

The Yorktown Campaign 179

Formulating a Peace Settlement 187

The Newburgh Conspiracy 194

Transition to a Postwar World 202

Myth and Tradition: A Political/Military Settlement 210

Notes 217

A Note on Revolutionary War History and Historiography 219

Index 232