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A User's Guide to Vacuum Technology, 3rd Edition

A User's Guide to Vacuum Technology, 3rd Edition

John F. O'Hanlon

ISBN: 978-0-471-46715-1 February 2005 536 Pages




In the decade and a half since the publication of the Second Edition of A User?s Guide to Vacuum Technology there have been many important advances in the field, including spinning rotor gauges, dry mechanical pumps, magnetically levitated turbo pumps, and ultraclean system designs. These, along with improved cleaning and assembly techniques have made contamination-free manufacturing a reality. Designed to bridge the gap in both knowledge and training between designers and end users of vacuum equipment, the Third Edition offers a practical perspective on today?s vacuum technology. With a focus on the operation, understanding, and selection of equipment for industrial processes used in semiconductor, optics, packaging, and related coating technologies, A User?s Guide to Vacuum Technology, Third Edition provides a detailed treatment of this important field. While emphasizing the fundamentals and touching on significant topics not adequately covered elsewhere, the text avoids topics not relevant to the typical user.
Vacuum Technology.

Gas Properties.

Gas Flow.

Gas Release from Solids.

Pressure Gauges.

Flow Meters.

Pumping Speed.

Residual Gas Analyzers.

Interpretation of RGA Data.

Mechanical Pumps.

Turbomolecular Pumps.

Diffusion Pumps.

Pump Fluids.

Getter and Ion Pumps.

Cryogenic Pumps.

Materials in Vacuum.

Joints, Seals, and Valves.


Rough Vacuum Pumping.

High Vacuum Systems.

Ultraclean Vacuum Systems.

High Flow Systems.

Multichamber Systems.

Leak Detection.


Appendix A. Units and Constants.

Appendix B. Gas Properties.

Appendix C. Material Properties.

Appendix D. Isotopic Abundances.

Appendix E. Cracking Patterns.

Appendix F. Pump Fluid Properties.


" excellent handbook for engineers, scientists, or anybody who uses vacuum systems on a regular basis." (IEEE Circuits & Devices Magazine, May/June 2005)

"...clearly written with...many helpful hints...highly recommended." (MRS Bulletin, January 2005)

"This book sucks in a good way…the third edition will never get dusty on my bookshelf…although the text is certainly not coffee-table reading material, it will have a wide appeal…it is particularly valuable as a reference for those who work practically with vacuum technologies and a must-buy for those who design them." (JOM, February 26, 2004)

"...a fundamental understanding of modern vacuum technology and a practical user's perspective of laboratory and industrial vacuum technology. This edition, while still providing core information in a very practical style...covers many new advances in the field...there are loads of graphs, data, and tables to provide practical and useful information to the vacuum user." (IEEE Electrical Insulation Magazine)