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A Wandering Feast: A Journey Through the Jewish Culture of Eastern Europe

A Wandering Feast: A Journey Through the Jewish Culture of Eastern Europe

Yale Strom, Elizabeth Schwartz (With)

ISBN: 978-0-787-97188-5

Oct 2004, Jossey-Bass

272 pages

Select type: Paperback

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An original and uplifting view of a world lost, reborn, and rediscovered This is a delightful book that welcomes the reader to a wonderful journey through the Jewish culture of Eastern Europe: the still-vibrant villages and homes, the Yiddish folkways, the toe-tapping Klezmer music, and heart-warming traditional food. Yale Strom documented his journey--organized around fourteen specific visits to authentic villages in Eastern Europe--with a fascinating travelogue that includes inspiring stories, photographs, music that has never been printed, and recipes. He reveals that a culture long feared to be gone forever is still very much alive.

Acknowledgments xi

Introduction xiii

Glossary xxiii

Chapter One

Yugoslavia 1


Burek Sasirom Spinat (Yugoslavian Spinach and Cheese Pies) 12

Leek,Garlic, and Red Pepper Soup 23

Prebanac (Baked Beans) 35

Yugoslavian Chopped Salad 36

Hurmasice (Pound Cake in Syrup) 37


“Maestral Hora and Bulgar” 3

“Waltz from Senta” 9

“Khosn’s March” (Groom’s March) 32

Chapter Two

Hungary 39


Galuska (Hungarian Dumplings) 47

Letcho (Vegetable Stew) 48

Potato Paprikash 49

Lecso (Peppers and Eggs) 50

Flodni 56

Hungarian Mushroom Soup 72

Hungarian Cucumber Salad 73


“Katarina Maladitse” (Young Katrina) 58

“Yismakh Moyshe” (Moses Rejoiced) 70

“Tibi’s Hora” 76

Chapter Three

Czechoslovakia 84


Sweet Noodle Kugel with Raisins and Almonds 99

Bramborove Knedliky (Potato Dumplings) 100

Kuba (Barley Dish) 102

Latkes (Potato Pancakes) 122


“Malke Zhote” 95

“Oberek Palota” 103

“Bulbes/Beblekh” (Potatoes/Beans) 118

Chapter Four

Poland 125


Kasha with Mushrooms and Onions 130

Kapusta z Jablkamy (Polish Cabbage with Apples) 131

Polish Poppy Seed Cookies 132

Pierogi 134

Zuppa Ogorkowa (Polish Sour Cucumber Soup) 156

Kutia (Poppy Seed and Walnut Spread) 160

Krupnik (Mushroom and Barley Soup) 165


“Ropshitser Nign” 145

“Doyne/Freylekhs” 154

“Drohobitsh” 162

Chapter Five

Soviet Union: Ukraine 176


Galushke (Stuffed Cabbage) 188

Russian-Style Baked Mushrooms in Sour Cream 195

Ukrainian Honey Cake 196

Pokhlyobka (Vegetable Soup) 199


“On the Road to Salang” 192

Chapter Six

Romania 201


Mamaliga 207

Sweet Noodle Kugel with Apples and Walnuts 208

Palave (Pilaf ) 219

Mincare de Vinete cu Usturoi (Eggplant with Garlic) 224

Potato-Cheese Kreplach 225

Gogl-Mogl 227

RomanianVegetable Latkes 233

Passover Macaroons 237


“Baveynen Di Kale” (The Lamenting of the Bride) 221

“Bosnian Waltz” 226

Resources 239

The Authors 241